Integrations for a Better Last Mile9 min read

If you run an eCommerce retail business, you probably leave no stone unturned to ensure shoppers have a great user experience on your site. You use the best possible images for your product listings, make navigation to checkout a breeze, and do everything it takes to make loading times fast.

However, once a shopper checks out and you hand over their package to your shipping partner for delivery, the situation moves out of your control.

While shipping carriers like FedEx & UPS often claim a near-perfect on-time delivery record, this isn’t accurate. 7–8 percent of all parcels are routinely delayed.

And to make matters worse, shipping carriers often fail to inform customers of parcel delays. This creates a situation of customer angst which is bound to reflect on your retention rates and customer lifetime value (CLV). After all, it costs at least 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

The loss of control over customer experience you encounter once you hand over a parcel to a shipping carrier is called the post-purchase experience gap.