Royal Mail Claims & Refunds

Automate the process of disputing Royal Mail claims

Are you hearing about delivery exceptions from your customers? Are you losing customers over bad delivery experiences? It is time to hold Royal Mail accountable for all these service failures by demanding due compensation. Royal mail offers a refund in case of service failures for all service types including package delays, damaged items and lost items.

Most retailers miss out on seeking compensation. They are either not aware of the Royal Mail refund eligibility or they find the Royal mail claim dispute process quite cumbersome. What they don’t realize is that they not only lose out on benefitting from a monetary aspect, but also forgo the opportunity to hold Royal mail accountable for delivery exceptions. helps businesses automatically track, identify and dispute service failures in less than 2 minutes. Our intelligent algorithms also predict delays and lost packages helping merchants notify their customers of potential delays.

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Refunds Policy as described by Royal Mail

Services eligible for Royal Mail Claims

  • Royal Mail Tracked
  • Royal Mail Tracked Returns
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm letters
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm parcels
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am letters
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am parcels
  • International Tracked, International Tracked and Signed
  • International Signed

Items sent for delivery within the UK

  • We cannot accept a claim for loss unless 10 working days or more have passed since the item was due to be delivered (7 working days Royal Mail Tracked items and 5 working days for Special Delivery Guaranteed)
  • Working days are Monday to Saturday excluding Public and Bank Holidays (Monday – Friday for Special Delivery Guaranteed)
  • Claims must be made within 80 days of the date they were posted
  • We usually provide a full response to claims within 30 days of receiving them, so please allow us this time to investigate before contacting us again
  • Claims for Special Delivery Guaranteed® fee refunds, for items delivered after the specified delivery time must be made within 14 days of posting

Items sent for delivery abroad

  • We cannot accept a claim for loss of an International Tracked, International Signed or International Tracked and Signed item unless at least 10 working days have passed since the item was due to be delivered
  • All claims must be submitted by the sender within 6 months of posting the item
  • Once we receive your claim we may contact the Foreign Postal Administration as part of our investigation, so please allow up to 90 days for us to investigate and respond fully before contacting us again.

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