Shipping Insurance

Automated shipping insurance purpose-built for e-commerce

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Why automated shipping insurance is
e-commerce’s best bet


with your store and order
fulfillment workflows


to decide which products get
insured and which don’t


insurance application and
claims management

We work with platforms you work with

Automate shipping insurance.
Protect your bottom line.

Automated Shipping Insurance

Apply insurance for your orders automatically

Make insurance a seamless extension of your order fulfillment process by automatically insuring your parcels upon label creation.

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    Built-in integrations with ecommerce platforms
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    Works with existing order fulfillment workflows
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    Automate insurance upon label creation
Integrates with:

Custom Rules and Conditions

Automate insurance for packages that need it most

Insure just the shipments you want to, be it high-value shipments, international deliveries, or any other high-risk orders. Set up insurance rules based on 13+ conditions including carrier, product type, order value, and more.

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    Customizable automation rules
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    13+ insurance conditions

Custom Coverage Value

Take control of your insurance spends with customizable coverage options

Decide whether you want coverage for the full order value, a fixed percentage, or a flat rate. Choose if shipping costs, taxes and discounts need to be included in the coverage or not.

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    Full order or custom value coverage
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    Include or exclude shipping cost
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    Include or exclude taxes and discounts

Automated Claims Management

Let automation handle complex claim processes for you

Report, automate and manage claims from a single unified platform. Effortlessly monitor claim statuses from a centralized dashboard and get approved claims credited to your account every month.

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    Automated claims filing
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    Claims monitoring dashboard
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    Automated claims payout

Insurance Claims from Helpdesk

Help your support reps report lost or damaged packages effortlessly

Enable support agents to report missing or damaged packages directly from your helpdesk in a single click. Our systems will automatically initiate and update the status of your claims on our dashboard.

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    Built-in integration with helpdesk tools
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    Single-click reporting of lost/damaged packages

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