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Feeling frustrated after trying to file a refund claim with UK Mail? We understand how difficult and time consuming the process can be. Filing a lost claim or a damaged claim is deliberately made difficult to dissuade customers from disputing claims. Not only that, keeping track of your packages can be quite difficult with UK Mail. tracks and monitors all your shipments in real time, and automatically files claims for the packages with service errors. We audit UK Mail for over 50 carrier errors and credit the eligible refunds directly to your shipping account.

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Refunds Policy as described by UK Mail

UK Mail’s aim is to be both reasonable and fair in dealing with the loss of, or damage to Consignments. Where the loss or, or damage to is shown to be the fault of UK Mail, it will pay compensation in line with the terms and conditions of carriage (the “Conditions”) with respect to the standard liability framework and where you have purchased extended cover. Where the loss of, or damage to a Consignment is not UK Mail’s fault, then your course of action is against the person who is at fault.

It is therefore crucial that where a Consignment is lost or damaged, it is reported to UK Mail as quickly as possible without delay. Timely reporting allows UK Mail to:

  • take remedial action; and/or
  • investigate the matter and trace the trail left by the Consignment whilst recollections are fresh and the trail is still warm. Failure to report in a timely manner will prejudice any investigation or the chances of finding your Consignment(s), and may also invalidate your claim.

In accordance with the Conditions, UK Mail will only be liable for loss or, or damage to Consignments if you notify us:

  • within 3 Working Days of the date of delivery, where the proof of delivery has been signed without any endorsement to the effect that the Consignment was received as damaged, or there was a shortage; or
  • within 7 Working Days of the due date of delivery if the whole Consignment has been lost; or
  • within 7 Working Days of the date of delivery in all other cases (e.g. where there has been an endorsement of damage or shortage on the proof of delivery); and
  • you submit a written claim to us within 21 Working Days of the date of the letter accompanying the claim form which we will send out to you once you have notified us of your claim.

For the purposes of calculating the numbers of Working Days referred to in the bullet 3, the first Working Day is the date of delivery in the case where delivery has been fully or partially carried out. In the event of complete loss, the first Working Day will be the date of due delivery, and in relation to submitting the claim form, the first Working Day will be the date of the letter which accompanied the claim form.

Failure to comply with the time limits set out in the bullet 3 shall invalidate your claim and you acknowledge you will have no further recourse against UK Mail in respect of such claim, because you recognise that there is a claims process but for whatever reason, you have not followed it.

Before submitting claims, please ensure you can provide the following required forms of evidence otherwise the claim cannot be accepted:

  • Number of damaged or lost items
  • Total consignment weight
  • Weight of damaged or lost items
  • Description of goods
  • Details of damage sustained
  • Value of consignment
  • Value of items damaged including copies of invoices where applicable
  • Goods and packing to be available for inspection (damaged items only)

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