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Refunds Policy as described by Purolator

If Purolator delivers a guaranteed Courier Shipment after the applicable guaranteed delivery time on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, Purolator will, upon request by the Customer, refund or credit (at Purolator’s option) the Service Rate and Taxes (excluding any Additional Charges and Customs Clearance Charges) paid by the Customer to Purolator in respect of the Shipment (see “Refunds for Purolator Service Guarantees”). If Purolator cannot deliver a guaranteed Courier Shipment on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, delivery will take place by End of Day on the business day specified by Purolator.

Purolator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse a request for a refund or credit of shipping charges for any Shipment, when such request is made by any party other than the payer of the shipping charges. To obtain a refund or credit where applicable in accordance with Purolator’s service guarantee(s), Customers should call the telephone number on their invoice and be ready to provide their Bill of Lading number. Purolator must receive a request for refund or credit in respect of a Shipment to which a delivery service guarantee applies within 45 calendar days after Purolator’s acceptance of the Shipment for carriage

The following limitations apply to Guaranteed Courier Shipments:

  • The Shipment destination must be an eligible guaranteed delivery point from the point of origin for the applicable guaranteed service. If a Shipper selects an ineligible guaranteed delivery point from the point of origin for the applicable guaranteed service, the guarantee for such Shipment will be deemed to be:
    • (a) in the case of Purolator Express Shipments travelling within Canada, End of Day; and
    • (b) in the case of Shipments travelling to Canada from the U.S. or the rest of the world (and vice-versa), the next best service guarantee available from such origin point to such delivery point (e.g., if Purolator Express U.S. 9AM is selected but not an eligible guaranteed delivery point, and Purolator Express U.S. 10:30AM and Purolator Express U.S. (i.e., End of Day) are eligible guaranteed delivery points, the guarantee will be deemed to be a Purolator Express U.S. 10:30AM guarantee). In the case of Purolator Ground Shipments travelling within Canada, if a Shipper selects an ineligible guaranteed delivery point from the point of origin for a particular Purolator Ground service, delivery will be deemed to be End of Day and the Shipment will travel as Purolator Ground (i.e., End of Day), to which no guarantee applies
  • The delay must not be caused by some event beyond Purolator’s control, including but not limited to, those items described in “Liability of Purolator – Events Beyond Purolator’s Control”.
  • The Shipment must not be left in a Purolator “Drop Box” after the posted pickup time; must not require pickup after local cut-off times; and must not be tendered to Purolator after local cut-off times.
  • Each Piece in the Shipment must weigh no more than 70 lbs (approx. 32 kg) for the service guarantee to apply.
  • There must be a record of scanning activity for the Shipment, indicating it has actually been inducted into the Purolator network.
  • The Shipment must be tendered to Purolator with a Bill of Lading generated using an Automated Shipping System. The Bill of Lading must be acceptable and contain the correct and sufficient information for delivery (see “Tendering Shipments to Purolator”). No Shipment tendered to Purolator with a manual Bill of Lading shall be entitled to any guarantee.

The service Guarantee will not apply to the following Shipments:

  • Dangerous goods Shipments (see “Purolator Specialized Services – Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials)”);
  • COS Shipments (see “Purolator Specialized Services – Chain of Signature”);
  • Heavyweight Shipments (see “Tendering Shipments to Purolator – Heavyweight”);
  • Residential Heavyweight Service (“see “Tendering Shipments to Purolator – Residential Heavyweight Service
  • Shipments originating from or destined to points deemed by Purolator to be remote, where such points are not serviced directly by Purolator;
  • Undeliverable or returned Shipments;
  • Shipments exceeding Purolator’s size limitations (see “Shipment Acceptance Policy – Size Limitations”);
  • Shipments that require special handling; and
  • ASR Shipments where delivery was not completed due to failure of the Receiver to provide Proof of Age.

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