How businesses can leverage M-Commerce?

M-commerce in digital age

M-Commerce is Mobile Commerce and refers to the use of cellular phones and laptops to perform business transactions online. M-Commerce today, handles a lot of services like online banking, bill payment, and information delivery. M-Commerce is the offshoot of e-commerce on mobile consumer base especially when cell phones today have highly advanced capabilities and computing…

The War of Retail: Online vs Offline

Online vs Offline Retail

The retail sector has been slowly redefined in recent years as people now have both online and offline options at their disposal. While online shopping offers the convenience of ordering products from the comfort of one’s home or elsewhere, offline shopping offers something else- instant gratification. Although a considerable number of retailers have adopted an…

Rise of Shipping Cyber attacks

Shipping Cyber Attacks

If cyber-attacks are everywhere, why wouldn’t they be on the rise with shipping? Cyber-attacks on organizations and platforms dealing with shipping and logistics are on the rise. Hackers see opportunity in shipping and logistics since it’s a vast network with several stakeholders. And there is a lot of data held in these systems. With logistics,…

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