Delivery Experience Management (D.E.M)

Reduce Where Is My Order (WISMO) requests by up to 70%

Impact we swear by on your post-purchase customer service

reduction in WISMO customer requests
faster resolution of delivery related support tickets
CSAT score assured, even when shipment issues occur

We work with tools you work with

Eliminate the spoils of customer
frustration with order tracking

Delivery Status Updates

Keep your customers’ order status anxiety at check

Automate real-time order status notifications to your customers via e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp at each delivery stage.

Build flows and automate notifications for 12+ shipping events from our system or any marketing automation tool you use.

Enable customers to look up order statuses 24×7 through our tracking widget built for your app, website or chatbot.

Integrates with:

Delivery Exception Notifications

Proactively resolve delivery issues before customer impact

Identify critical issues like package delays or lost in-transit before customers do through our predictive algorithms.

Proactively notify customers via e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp about critical delivery issues and mitigate negative experiences.

Build flows and automate customer alerts for 9 exception events from our system or any marketing automation platform you use.

Integrates with:

Helpdesk Alerts and Resolution

Give your agents visibility and control over delivery issues

Helpdesk Alerts and Resolution

Trigger proactive alerts on your helpdesk to give agents visibility into delivery issues that require immediate attention.

Empower support agents with real-time order status information inside your helpdesk and shorten time to resolution.

Allow agents to send custom e-mail responses or use predefined templates to resolve delivery issues swiftly.

Branded Order Tracking Page

Give the full picture with informative tracking pages

Branded Order Tracking Page

Provide detailed shipment information including order no., tracking no., delivery status, delay incidents and package items.

Show customers an accurate and reliable order status with real-time status sync from your shipping carriers or 3PL partner.

Whether an order is split into multiple shipments or is being sent through multiple carriers, allow tracking from one simple page.

DSAT Ratings & Engagement Analytics

Optimize delivery experiences with metrics that truly matter

Monitor DSAT ratings and trends to understand how your customers really feel about the delivery experience you provide.

Capture customer feedback with delivery satisfaction (DSAT) ratings surveys triggered automatically after each delivery.

Get strategic insights to improve your post-purchase customer experience with our in-built reports and dashboards.

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