Go the extra mile in providing customer satisfaction with Yotpo and LateShipment.com

Customer satisfaction goes way beyond delivering your orders on time. Yotpo X LateShipment.com helps you deliver an elevated CX by integrating order tracking data into their Yotpo communications, such as SMS and email notifications and review requests.

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How does the integration work?

How Intergraion Works

The sooner you nudge a customer for a review, the more likely they are to review your product

  • Reviews are a great way to boost customer retention. With LateShipment.com Delivery Experience Management and Yotpo reviews integration, capture product reviews post order delivery faster than ever

  • Send review nudges to your customers right while they are excited about receiving their order – exactly the next day after the order delivery when the customer is most engaged with their purchase.

Reviews On Tracking Page

Display reviews on your Branded Tracking Page

  • Display the star ratings of your product from Yotpo reviews on the LateShipment.com Branded Tracking page.

  • This end-to-end customisable set up enables you to have the layout of the page and where the ratings should be displayed completely under your control.

Proactive Communication 1

Make proactive communication your selling point

  • Get an additional 13 instances added to your list of alerts that can be sent to your customers.

  • The triggers are completely customizable and can be modified end-to-end.

  • Add loyalty points in case of delays, send live tracking links with updated notifications – The possibilities are endless to engage with your customers.

Grow Subscriber Base

Grow your subscriber base.

  • Collect subscribers by floating pop-ups using the Yotpo SMS bump on the LateShipment branded tracking page.

  • You get to build these pop-ups from scratch to suit your goals. Notify customers on anything from membership programs to subscribing to your newsletter.

Connect Yotpo with LateShipment.com in 4 simple steps

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Connect LateShipment.com app

Connect your LateShipment.com account from the Yotpo marketplace

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Configure events

Configure events based on your requirements – use LateShipment.com’s order tracking data in Yotpo communications; from SMS, email notifications to review requests.

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Review settings

Customize notification and alert settings based on your preferences

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Go live

Get the integration go live and make the most of delivery experiences and Yotpo workflows

Other benefits of LateShipment.com you can’t ignore

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Save up to 20% on shipping costs with our Parcel Audit & Shipping Refunds Solution

Automatically recover refunds from your shipping carriers for 50+ service failures and billing errors that include Late Deliveries, Incorrect Surcharge, and more – saving you up to 20% on your shipping costs. Learn More

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Optimize fulfillment process & costs with our actionable Shipping Analytics & Reports

Gain actionable insights about your shipping spend, carriers’ on-time delivery performance, and more to take data-driven decisions and make your shipping process both cost and operationally efficient.

Learn More

LateShipment.com Integrations to give you post-purchase superpowers

Monitor parcels in real-time, proactively resolve delivery-related customer issues and effectively
engage with customers to deliver memorable post-purchase experiences

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Monitor in-transit shipments in real-time and get predictive alerts for parcels facing delivery delays. Build brand-consistent order tracking experiences. Audit shipping invoices & recover refunds to save up to 20% on shipping costs.

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Order Management

Get predictive alerts for parcels facing delivery issues and proactively fix them before customer impact. Send automated order status notifications. Build branded order tracking experiences for your customers.

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Proactively resolve delivery issues with predictive alerts for parcel delays. Send automated order status notifications. Build branded tracking experiences. Increase sales with marketing campaigns on tracking pages.

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Trigger automated tickets for delivery-related customer issues. Enable agents with order tracking information within your Helpdesk to help them proactively resolve customer issues with faster resolution times.

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Proactively resolve delivery-related customer issues and send automated order status notifications. Enrich customer information with their overall delivery satisfaction ratings. Build brand-consistent order tracking experiences.

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Email Marketing

Send brand-consistent shipping transactional emails to customers for multiple order delivery events. Increase sales with product recommendations and campaigns on shipping emails. Capture delivery experience feedback.

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Saved By Our Customers Every Minute
Types Of Service Failures Caught
Our Biggest Refund Check To Date
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