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We only charge 35% of successful refund claims made.

Every other feature we offer is absolutely free.

Fullfilment Intelligence

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Core Features

  • Carrier Performance Analysis
  • Ability to Negotiate Better Rates
  • Shipping Spend Analysis
  • Fulfilment Analytics
  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Carrier comparisons
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Intuitive delivery reports

Audit & Claims

Unlike shipping carriers, our pricing model is performance-based and transparent.

Core Features

  • No cost audit
  • Audit for 50+ carrier service errors
  • Supports all major shipping carriers
  • 24/7 Customer support
Refunds for 50+ Service Failures
  • Late Deliveries
  • Lost and Damaged Packages
  • Unused shipping label charges
  • Discount calculation errors
  • Duplicate charges
  • Incorrect surcharges
  • Incorrect address classification
  • And more Pulse

FREE Forever with your account


Core Features

  • Delivery error predictions
  • Smart customer notifications
  • Granular tracking information
  • Intuitive support dashboard
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Customized tracking Page
  • Timely exception alerts
  • Integrates with your CMS

Why is built on the tenets of making shipping transparent and solving key last-mile problems for businesses of all sizes. Our proprietary technology and unparalleled domain expertise in fulfillment logistics gives us an edge over other companies who offer just shipping invoice audit and refund claim services.

While our systems thoroughly recover every eligible refund for you, our true objective stretches far beyond that. We are committed to help businesses grow by providing actionable and unbiased visibility into supply chain, pricing and last-mile delivery trends which results in a shipping carrier’s overall performance improvement. Our cutting-edge predictive technology allows you to take control of your last-mile delivery issues by helping you identify and fix most delivery failures even before they happen. is committed to not only help your business get refunds for mistakes that carriers make but also to reduce the frequency of delivery errors that result in refund claims, thereby helping you significantly save on shipping costs and also create an exceptional last mile delivery experience for your customers.

No Contracts

We do not have any contract or minimum term.

Never Expires

This isn’t a trial. Your access to all services never expire.

Bank Level Security

We use the same security standards commonly used by financial institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions simply charges only 35% of money we successfully recover for you, which thereafter is billed monthly to you. Here is an example of how we get paid. If we collect refunds that total $500 for a month, will charge you $175 for that month. This gives you a net gain of $325. We call it a win-win! Every other feature that we offer comes with no cost to you.

It is not mandatory to add your credit card details at the time of signing up. You may skip that step. We bill for the refunds that we recover on your behalf only after verification and reconciliation of the credits that have been added to your account. will bill you for a portion of the claim, only after verifying that approved credits are reflected in your account. Some examples of payment methods include: Credit and debit card payments, bank transfers and checks.

Successful refunds are credited directly back to you by your shipping carrier. Depending on the shipping carrier and payment method you use, refunds are usually credited towards a future shipping invoice or back to your original payment method. periodically verifies whether approved refunds have been credited back to your account and updates your dashboard with this information.

No. Pulse – our real-time tracking system is available at no additional cost once you sign up with The only time we charge you is when we successfully receive refunds for your business.

In order to start auditing your shipping invoice and filing refund claims, your online billing system with your shipping carrier should be enabled. Thereafter, reads the most latest invoice received from your shipping carrier and initiates the audit and refunds process. It usually takes under 2 weeks to receive your first refund.

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