50+ Shipping Carrier Service Failures That are Totally Eligible for Refunds8 min read

Have you spent time taking a good, hard look at your shipping invoices?

If not, try it once. You’ll likely end up quite shocked!

Why? You ask. 

You’ll discover that you’ve been charged wrongly more than once.

Shipping invoices are often plagued by errors and discrepancies that could be costing your business valuable dollars month-on-month

When you fail to audit your shipping invoices, you unwittingly become an accomplice to an inefficient shipping carrier.

Or you could follow in the footsteps of other retail businesses that have become increasingly savvy and claim refunds for various shipping carrier service failures using automated shipping audit services like LateShipment.com

Read on for the 50+ service failures that shipping carriers are prone to and how you can save up to 20% on your shipping costs by claiming refunds for them. 

But first…