Winning In Peak Season With Seamless Pre And Post Purchase CX Lessons From Thriving E Commerce Brands 1200 X 800 Px 1

Winning in Peak Season with Seamless Pre and Post-purchase CX [Lessons from thriving e-commerce brands]

In this unfiltered conversation with, Linnworks, LuminAID and VNDR, the guest speakers discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities during the Holiday season and what you can do NOW to build customer experiences; pre and post-purchase to win customers for life.

This webinar discusses:

  • How to prepare and navigate peak season challenges that come with high order volumes
  • Driving customer delight through fast, proactive and personalized customer service
  • Essential components of a CX design that creates value at every stage of the customer journey
  • Best practices and examples of retailers who deliver excellent customer experiences

Watch the full episode of “Winning in peak season with seamless pre and post-purchase CX: Lessons from thriving e-commerce brands”

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