How do I get my refunds?
Your refund will be credited to you by your shipping carrier. Depending on who you use for your shipping, this will be either UPS or FedEx. How your billing is setup with your shipping carrier will determine how your refunds are sent to you. Normally, refunds for late shipments will be credited to a future invoice or refunded to your credit card. LateShipment has no control over how your shipping carrier provides your refund.
How long does it take to get a refund?
This depends on how your account is set up with your shipping carrier. In most instances it will take around 2 to 3 weeks to receive your refund. The reason refunds take 2 to 3 weeks is because LateShipment must wait for an invoice to be posted to your account by the shipping carrier.
Does every late package get a refund?
No. There are some reasons that a late package would not be eligible for a refund. These reasons vary from shipping carrier to shipping carrier. The most common reason a late package would fail to receive a refund is because of weather related delays. We do our best to make sure every late package gets a refund, but even we have to follow the shipping carrier’s refund claim policy.


Why do you need my login information?
Our system uses your login information to “read” your shipments from your shipping carrier. We also use your login information to submit refunds on your behalf. LateShipment protects your login information using the same type of online security that banks use. If you want to read more about our security, please visit our security page.
How secure is LateShipment?
LateShipment uses best practices when protecting your data. Part of these best practices include following the same stringent safety standards that banks follow for their online security. Another way we make LateShipment secure is by hosting our servers and databases on Amazon’s Web Services platform. To read more about how we keep your data safe please visit our security page.


Why wouldn't LateShipment work for me?
If you are using LateShipment, you would need to enable online billing on your account. Online billing gives us the ability to track shipments and file refund claims on your behalf. You probably already have online billing enabled on all your shipping accounts. Even if you don’t, it is a very simple process to do so and we can help you get it enabled.
How does LateShipment get paid?
LateShipment offers the service free of charge for the first refund we collect for you. After that, LateShipment simply charges a flat 35% of what we recover for you, which will be billed monthly to your credit card. We do not ask you for any credit card information until your free trial has expired. Here is a simple example of how we get paid: Your first refund is totally free. After that, if we collect refunds that total $500 for the month, LateShipment will charge you $175. This gives you a net gain of $325. We call it a win/win! Every other feature that we offer comes with no cost to you.
How do I close my account?
In the event that you wish to close your LateShipment account, please email our customer support at Once your account is closed, your data will be removed from our servers and you will stop receiving automatic refunds for late shipments.