Everything you need to sleigh
the Holiday shopping season

Welcome to the LateShipment.com Holiday Resource Center. Get game-changing plays,
actionable tips, tactics and insights from leading e-commerce retail pundits and D2C experts.


Holiday season brings in more sales than any time of the year. Get yourself prepped up
with industry do’s and don’ts for ecommerce businesses for the holiday season.


SEO, Google Ads, Social media — this section has everything covered
when it comes to ecommerce marketing for the holiday season

Holiday Specific

Get comprehensive data backed insights on 2022 holiday sales
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and much more
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An on-time delivery performance analysis and forecast report for UPS and FedEx for the 2022 Holiday Season
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Here’s a checklist with 30+ ways specific to your industry to help you boost your holiday sales…
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If you’re an E-commerce Store Owner, a DTC Brand, or a Customer Support…

Customer Experience

Elevate your customers’ buying experience at every phase of their journey with you

Customer Support

Get insights on how to reduce ticket volume,
efficiently handle incoming tickets, and automate FAQs

Shipping & Logistics

From cut off dates to carriers making stringent rules — get to know
what the 2022 holiday season has up its sleeves on the shipping and carrier front.

Paid Acquisition

Paid ads on google to social media. Learn the in’s and out’s of paid acquisition
and how to optimize your Customer Acquisition Cost

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