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How Does the Post-purchase Success Suite Work?7 min read

As an e-commerce business owner, you do everything to delight your customers once they place an order on your website – from making sure their order is packed right, to doing your best to get it to their hands-on time.

Yet brands miss out the most in terms of opportunities in the post-purchase journey to improve loyalty and revenue.

But what is the post-purchase phase? 

The post-purchase phase is the period from when a parcel is shipped to the time when the customer receives and starts using your product. 

This period represents a customer who is excited about their purchase and Research says a customer is most engaged with the brand they shopped with. 

Oftentimes, brand owners lose control of the post-purchase phase due to unforeseen events it is made up of.  This puts them at risk of inability to get into the good books of their customers and enjoy profits.

This is where comes into play to turn the tide in the favor of the merchant.’s suite of products is crafted to help you make this phase a seamless journey for both you and your customers. In addition, you can also retrieve the money you’re losing to delivery issues and their consequences.


The numbers used here to communicate the value of products are either based on individual customers who implemented our products, or an average value our customers have attained. Either way, these are real ways has impacted 1000s of ecommerce businesses.

Meet Jane. Jane runs an online business, and like most online businesses, here are the top challenges she regularly faces after an order has been shipped.

  1. Over 10% of orders are identified as delayed, backorders, damaged, lost in transit, or attempted-failed deliveries. Lack of visibility into this causes high customer frustration.
  2. Carrier tracking pages have limited information, are dull and off-brand.
  3. Complicated return initiation and unclear return policies
  4. Lack of visibility while using multiple carriers into service failures and billing errors, and losing hundreds of dollars due to shipping carriers’ complicated policies. 

She knew she had to do something to tackle these problems to save her business from

  • Decreased customer trust and loyalty
  • Increased product returns
  • Loss of revenue, etc.

This is when she decided to implement the post-purchase success suite.

Customer journey - E-commerce store

Signing off with love

Automated Notifications

Once Jane’s team seals an order and sends it for shipping, they start proactively communicating the status of the shipment through’s automated notification system. This helps the customers to be informed on the whereabouts of their package, reducing customer anticipation.

Jane could also proactively communicate updates on delivery delays with details, making it easier on the support team, given the number of WISMO tickets became less.

Proactive Customer Support

Over 40% of customer enquiries are shipping & delivery related, costing support teams time and money to service these requests. With order status and delivery delays not just being proactively communicated, but also resolved; Jane’s team saved a total of 300 hours in work hours.

Branded Live Shipment tracking

Jane could also satiate her extremely fidgety customers with’s live tracking widget embedded in her website. She could also keep it on-brand as she customized it to match the rest of her website. 

With these minor tweaks, Jane lifted the burden of 70% of incoming tickets for her customer support team, increasing their efficiency to concentrate on more complicated cases and bringing down their response time.

Additional Revenue

In addition to all these perks, Jane’s business also witnessed a 30% increase in revenue through branded tracking, as the branded tracking page also suggests personalized product recommendations using each customer’s order history.

Increase revenue in the post-purchase phase

Making returns truly happy

Though Jane did everything she could to avoid returns, up to 40% of her products were being returned. So she decided to turn it into a money-making touchpoint with her customers.

Jane integrated’s Returns Tracking System into her website. This consists of a returns page and a returns live-tracking page that was on-brand with the website.

Order returns

Most of the items returned were preference related, meaning, with an automated reason mapping system, helped to replace the item with the one that would be more suitable for the customer.

Revenue Retention

In case, refunds were inevitable due to instances like damaged packages, the options to exchange, and refund through store credits made sure the business once done was never truly lost. 

Both the above-mentioned processes were automated through self-serve workflow and did not need any assistance from Jane’s team. 

Automated Ticket Updates

If the inevitable occurs and the customer goes ahead with a refund, automatically retrieves the reason for the return from the customer and creates a ticket in the helpdesk tool that is integrated with

Custom Return Rules

Jane could also set return rules and policies to manage return windows and the reason for returns.

All these enhancements resulted in reducing processing time up to 50% ensuring a good CX score, as well as reducing returns rate up to 40%. 

Returns Analytics

In addition, Jane could also go back and look at the curated analytics for reasons returned and gauge customer behavior, which helped her implement informed changes in her business.

Returns Analytics Dashboard

Making every dollar count

Another major hurdle Jane was facing was with the shipping carriers. Jane had to deal with tons of paperwork to claim refunds she was entitled to from carriers due to late deliveries, lost and damaged packages, billing overcharges, etc.

Save costs with your post-purchase experiences

It was extremely time-consuming that she and her team often ignored them all together rather than go through the tedious process. But with the parcel audits and shipping refunds, Jane and her team never had to worry about claiming them as they were all automated.

Audit Carrier Service Failures’s Parcel Audit and Shipping Refunds Suits helped her team review and evaluate their carrier usage with curated reports of all carriers they ship with. The team could also keep a close watch on delivery issues and carrier performances which helped them curate an efficient shipping strategy.

Insure your shipments against damage and loss

Last but not the least,’s new and revolutionary Shipping Insurance solution offers Jane, peace of mind when it comes to facing frequent lost and damaged packages. With a comprehensive risk coverage system, insuring only critical shipments, and an automated process at hand, Jane can now effortlessly protect her shipments without compromising on revenue.  

No-code Integration

The icing on the cake? Jane and her team implemented the post-purchase success suite within a week as it is an integration-first tool and needed zero coding requirements. 

And that’s how you can also make the most out of your post-purchase engagement.

Get your hands on‘s Post-purchase success suite by signing up for a free trial to understand why 1000s of e-commerce brands entrust us to deliver their customers the best post-purchase journey in town. Integration

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