Gorgias x LateShipment.com – 5 Tips for Balancing Automation & Personalization

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience, and you can’t efficiently offer personalization without automation. But too many brands automate to the point of over-personalization, which is a quick turn-off for most consumers. Yet, the fact remains that people find personalized content more appealing.

While personalization is excellent for providing your customers with individualized experiences, there’s a fine line between that and being intrusive. Meeting consumer expectations without infringing on privacy should always be the goal.

Striking a balance that makes your brand more effective at personalization

There’s no doubt that automation is beneficial to marketing and the customer experience in any executive’s mind. It decreases workload by eliminating the need to perform repetitive tasks, which frees up precious resources for other endeavors.

However, automation isn’t a cure-all. Brands that believe otherwise can quickly lose the personal touch customers enjoy and appear more distant. In addition, relying too much on automation for personalization can dilute the strength of your message, causing the brand to sound intrusive.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn how to balance automation and personalization effectively to increase sales
  • Discover tips and tricks for using automation without undermining the value of personalized marketing
  • Uncover how successful brands put a check on data-driven personalization to avoid infringing on customer privacy
  • Learn how to mix genuine, personalized marketing and automation to target consumers with more relevant messages

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