How to Create Delivery Experiences that Delight Customers4 min read

The Current State of Delivery Experiences

Did you know that 1-in-3 customers abandon a brand after just one incident involving poor delivery experiences?

Therefore, it is important to deliver delight with every shipment and exceed your customers’ expectations. 

However, if you’re like any other e-commerce business, you’re unwillingly neglecting what comes after the customer hits ‘buy’ — the post-purchase phase. You need to understand that the customer journey does not simply end with the buy button. 

To improve your customers’ overall delivery experiences, you can start leveraging post-purchase touchpoints by managing delivery experiences. They don’t just have to be the bare minimum. Craft it near perfect to exceed your customers’ expectations and indeed delight them. 

Cutting to the chase — here’s what you need to create delivery experiences that delight customers and also understand what you can gain from them.

The Post-purchase Actionable Plan You Need

1. Effortless shipment visibility

Delivery experiences 1 - shipment visibility

How would you feel if it was ridiculously easy for you to keep a watch on your shipments in transit and identify issues around deliveries?

That’s exactly what effortless shipment visibility stands for. 

Track your customers’ packages in real-time and constantly pinpoint their whereabouts as they unfold. You can use real-time tracking data to inform your customers of potential delivery delays on the product page itself. This can prepare your customers and yourself to face the incoming delay and reduce the odds of them blaming you. 

2. Proactive delivery issue resolution

Proactive communication in last-mile delivery

While letting your customers know that their packages are about to be delayed is good, you can make it even better by preemptively resolving such issues before it impacts them. 

The first step in proactively resolving delivery issues is to enable your support agents to easily spot shipments that may face issues and initiate contextual communication with your customers regarding the same. 

You can follow up with the customer by offering solutions based on their expectations such as re-shipping the order via an expedited shipping option, a discount, or a refund on their next purchase.

Your ability and effort to proactively resolve delivery issues can thereby instill confidence in your customers despite facing a delay.

3. Leverage order tracking moments