Streamlining Your Checkout Page for success this Holiday Season5 min read

Did you know that 7 in 10 customers abandon their cart?(statista). The number one reason for cart abandonment is the additional charges levied during checkout. Streamlining your checkout processes and making sure that your checkout page provides as much information as it can,is a key factor to turning a potential customer into an actual customer. Especially with the holiday rush coming in, you need to optimize  every single page. 

Why Optimizing a Checkout Page is Important this Holiday Season?

The holiday season is when the cart abandonment rate is really high compared to the normal days. We have already established the fact that additional charges levied during payment is the number reason for this to happen. 

Reasons to streamline your checkout page 

  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Increase transactions speed 
  • Provide personalization 
  • Offer convenience 
  • Minimizing errors 

The holiday season is when you receive a lot of traffic. Imagine converting all abandoned cart with a streamlined checkout page and we’ll show you how. 

Streamlining Your Checkout Page for success

1. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Add multiple payment options during the checkout. For example, Visa, MasterCard, AMX, PayPal are some of the popular payment options that merchants offer. But Buy now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment model is now becoming increasingly popular among the Gen Z and the Millennials. During the holidays is when customers tend to spend a lot even over their budget. But brands should understand this and facilitate customers into buying products using the Buy Now Pay Later platform.

2. Display Accurate Shipping info

Presenting the shipping information again would allow customers to once again go through all the information that they’ve entered to avoid any mistakes. Mentioning the estimated delivery date also sets the delivery expectations right. This also can lead to higher conversion rates since the customer knows that their package would arrive within the timeline that they want. Specifying the shipping cost or free shipping would also be very helpful to customers into deciding if they should buy from you. Offering shipping optionally also gives the customer the freedom to choose when they want their product to be delivered. Usually a customer who wants the order to arrive early, would probably pay more for shipping. Specifying those details would be convenient for decision making.