Lost And Damaged Packages Causing Trouble During The Holidays? Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Them7 min read

The holiday season should be a time for e-commerce businesses to celebrate after making successful sales but not stress about the possibility of your customers holding you accountable for their packages getting lost and damaged in transit. 

On-time deliveries are a critical factor when it comes to e-commerce deliveries but in most cases, an apology paired with a replacement or a discount can make up for the delay. However, certain package issues such as theft or damage are recognized only when the package makes its way to the customer. 

The good news is that you don’t have to face nightmares anymore worrying about customer frustration and churn as a result of these delivery issues. In order to help you provide a smooth and delightful delivery experience this holiday season, we’ll explore the reasons behind and challenges of loss and damage, and provide strategies to prevent them.

What Causes Lost and Damaged Packages And Makes Them More Common During The Holiday Season

No matter how hard a business tries, package delivery issues are inevitable and are more common during times like the holiday season. But a first step to cutting down delivery issues such as lost and damaged packages is to identify its source and try to cut it at the roots. 

Here are some of the reasons why lost and damaged packages occur and are more common during the holidays:

  • High Shipping Volume: With a significant increase in shipping volume and more packages in transit as a result, carriers become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of shipments, leading to a higher risk of packages getting lost or damaged.
  • Increased Handling: From the moment they leave the warehouse to the time they reach their destination, packages often pass through multiple distribution centers, warehouses, and trucks, with each transfer representing an opportunity for mishandling or damage.
  • Rushed Deliveries: The holiday rush often means that delivery timelines are tight. Carriers may be under pressure to make more deliveries in a shorter amount of time. In their haste, packages may not be handled with the care they deserve, increasing the risk of damage.
  • Weather Challenges: Winter weather can be particularly harsh on packages, making them more susceptible to damage. 
  • Theft: Just like deliveries, package theft tends to increase during the holiday season. Porch pirates are aware that valuable items are being shipped, making unattended packages easy targets.
  • Misrouting: With the surge in packages, sorting errors can occur. Packages might be misrouted, leading to issues like being sent to the wrong location.

To help you mitigate the risks of lost and damaged packages during the holiday season, we have come up with a set of actions that you can take to ensure the impact of these issues is minimal on your business. 

Without further ado, here are some ways for you to avoid lost or damaged packages in transit. Also, witness what reduced package delivery issues can do for your business. 

5 Ways To Avoid Lost and Damaged Packages

Reducing lost and damaged packages during transit, especially during the holiday season, is crucial for your e-commerce business in terms of customer satisfaction metrics and revenue. Here are some effective ways to avoid or minimize these issues.

1. Package your items securely

How well your items have been packed plays a huge role in limiting your packages from getting damaged in transit. As mentioned earlier, holiday season packages come through multiple passages toward their destination, and with high shipping volume — there is a huge possibility of mishandling and damage as a result of human error. 

To avoid such incidents, ensure that all items are properly packaged and cushioned to withstand the rigors of transit. If your forte is fragile items, you can use sturdy, high-quality boxes with adequate padding and other protective materials to protect the contents within. You can also consider using double boxes for extremely delicate items. 

During times like the holiday season, if you’re shipping to regions with inclement weather, you can use weather-resistant packaging to protect packages from different temperatures. 

Packaging can also play a huge role in preventing package theft. Porch pirates are more likely to steal packages that they think contain valuable items. By using plain or discreet packaging, you can make your packages less attractive to take away.

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