An E-Commerce Business’ Guide To Shipping Policy10 min read

You might have some of the best products that are also the customers’ need of the hour. You are confident of making a sale but somehow the customer who has passed through stages of funnels doesn’t become your customer. A little analysis of your customer behavior at this stage or simply asking for their feedback will give you an insight into how your shipping policy impacted their purchasing decision. 

But why are these shipping policies so crucial that 67% of shoppers check a store’s policy before making a purchase? If you’re a retailer who has just opened an online store, this article stands to provide you with everything you need to create a fine shipping policy that works out well for your business. If you’re someone with experience but still looking for ways to perfect your shipping policy and improve conversions, then you’re at the right place as well. Stay tuned to learn more about shipping policies and the role they play in your business.

The Role of Shipping Policies in Your Business

For the e-commerce novice here, let’s revisit things a little.

Shipping policies are simply a document that covers a set of guidelines and procedures to highlight the ways an e-commerce business handles the shipping and delivery of its products to customers.

While a shipping policy might simply seem like a webpage that communicates your shipping procedures to customers who’d like to shop with you, in reality, it holds more power to help your business:

  • Set clear expectations about your shipping and delivery times with your customers to offer them convenience and by extension a positive experience as they are awaiting their orders
  • Improve conversions by including all necessary details to have a comprehensive and shopper-friendly shipping policy

Craft your shipping policy to suit your business’ needs when it comes to aspects such as returns and exchanges to prevent frauds such as wardrobing and reduce unnecessary costs in the long run.

The Whats And Whys of Shipping Policies

Starting a shipping policy from scratch or looking to make changes to your existing one? Here are some things that you need to include (also learn how these additions bring benefits to your business).

1. What are the shipping methods available at your e-commerce store?

The most crucial detail that you cannot afford to miss out on is highlighting different shipping methods for your customers to choose from. For starters, mention whether you provide expedited shipping, BOPIS, international shipping, etc. Remember, providing multiple options when it comes to shipping methods is always better as customers feel in control of their decision by choosing an option that best suits them.

Shipping policy - delivery methods
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