3 Ways To Boost Post-Purchase Customer Experience And Loyalty With Yotpo And Lateshipment.com6 min read

Are you up for a simple exercise that will predict how successful your business will be? If yes, answer the following question. What measures do you consciously take to improve your customer’s purchase journey once they’ve hit the buy button?

Before we get to the context of things, remember that the post-purchase phase takes up 50% of the overall customer experience. But most eCommerce brands, who take a top effort to convert prospects into customers, unwillingly neglect to do the same for what comes after. This creates a situation where you have unsatisfied customers who are prone to leave your brand, leading to multiple unnecessary costs in the form of churn rates and acquisition costs.

So, if you’re an eCommerce retailer who is looking for ways to optimize your post-purchase phase, here are some insights on how you can provide integrated experiences that come in handy in improving customer satisfaction after the ‘buy’ button. But first, here’s a look into what great post-purchase experiences can do for your brand, particularly from a customer standpoint.

The Impact of Great Post-Purchase Experiences on Customer Loyalty

1) Strengthened customer relationships – The post-purchase phase is the last thing your customers are going to remember about your brand. Thus, it is important to make things memorable in a positive sense and build stronger customer relationships. This also leads to additional revenue for your business as loyal customers are worth up to 10 times the value of their first purchase

2) Reduced customer service inquiries – Increased anxiety levels of shoppers in the post-purchase phase, lead to higher “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) calls and shipping-related support ticket volume. On the other hand, by keeping customers informed about their orders regularly, you can witness a reduction in support inquiries tickets, and ultimately the costs associated with it. 

3) Increased repeat purchase rates – Positive delivery experiences are a sure-shot way of ensuring your customers are satisfied and will keep shopping with you. Rather than leaving it idle, you can leverage this opportunity to send out targeted cross-sell campaigns and double your chances of driving repeat purchases. 

How To Optimize Post-Purchase Customer Experiences With Yotpo And Lateshipment.com

Now that you know the benefits of post-purchase CX, here are 3 ways to optimize them and use them to improve loyalty with the Yotpo – LateShipment.com integration. 

1) Proactively communicate order delivery status to improve customer convenience

Over 40% of the support inquiries received are order delivery and returns status related. This shows that customers are highly anxious as they are awaiting their orders, so it’s non-optional to keep your customers in the loop of their orders via proactive communication. This allows you to mitigate your customers’ anticipation and ensures that they have a great post-purchase experience. 

Yotpo helps eCommerce businesses trigger shipping updates via SMS notifications. With order-tracking information from LateShipment.com, you can set up a total of 13 custom events like Shipped, In-transit with delays, Failed deliveries, Delivered, Return initiated, etc. The best part about these bumps is the fact that the triggers are completely customizable and can be modified end-to-end. Live tracking links can also be sent with these shipping updates to endlessly engage customers. 

Proactive delivery and returns status communication with Yotpo SMS and LateShipment.com

Also, with custom-built floating pop-ups via the Yotpo SMS bump on LateShipment.com’s branded tracking page, you can capture SMS subscribers for marketing purposes such as notifying them about membership programs, etc, and gain valuable engagement opportunities.

2) Incentivize customers for order delivery mishaps and improve customer retention

Over 10% of e-commerce shipments, irrespective of the shipping carrier or partner you use, face issues such as delivery delays, lost order, damaged parcels and more. The worst part is that your customers are unforgiving of these issues and won’t shop with you again even after just one incident. In such cases, an effective compensation for their patience in the form of loyalty points, in addition to an empathetic response and acknowledgment of the incident, can come in handy. 

Via LateShipment.com’s integration with Yotpo Loyalty, eCommerce businesses can reward customers with completely customizable loyalty points, when their orders are facing delivery issues. With data from LateShipment.com retrieved in real-time, you can take up the opportunity to drive a quick solution and mitigate customer frustration as early as possible.

Yotpo loyalty points for delivery issues

3) Understand customer satisfaction levels with delivery experience feedback and product reviews

70% of consumers are likely to purchase exclusively from brands that understand them and their needs. A great way to understand how your customers feel about your brand is to simply ask them for feedback. Using these insights, you can take action to make regular improvements and promote brand credibility

Yotpo Reviews help eCommerce businesses collect reviews with smart prompts. With real-time tracking information from LateShipment.com, you can now get both faster and more accurate feedback. The Yotpo review widget can also be added to your branded tracking pages. This will display the star ratings of the products ordered by customers each time they track their package.

Thus, it is clear that integrated experiences are the way to go when it comes to making your post-purchase customer-centric. The Yotpo X LateShipment.com helps you go the extra mile in delivering an integrated experience for your customers while also helping you keep track of your performance to make informed decisions.

TL;DR - How the Yotpo - LateShipment.com integration works for your business

  • Trigger flows for shipment events (13 events throughout the order delivery and returns stages along with existing transactional SMS) to help you make proactive communication your selling point.
  • Set up post-purchase triggers for loyalty points to reward customers and gain engagement where you can. 
  • Add the Yotpo Star Rating to the LateShipment.com tracking page builder to display reviews on your Branded Tracking Page.

The Yotpo – LateShipment.com integration stands to help you collect reviews, provide shipping updates, promote your products, and manage everything seamlessly. To get started with things right away, you need to set up the integration, which is designed to be easy to connect and use. 

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for LateShipment.com and Yotpo Reviews
  2. Connect your LateShipment.com to Yotpo Reviews from the Yotpo Marketplace
  3. Pick the Shopify store connected to your Yotpo account and log in to your LateShipment.com account to complete the authentication.
  4. Once you have configured the integration settings, click “Enable” to start the integration.

That’s all from us! It is now your time to make use of LateShipment.com’s integration with Yotpo to initiate customer reviews, send proactive SMS notifications, offer loyalty points, and do so much more to improve key metrics such as Customer Retention Rate (CRR) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in the post-purchase phase.