Best Practices To Build Ecommerce Branded Order Tracking Pages6 min read

A whopping 90% of the customers actively track their packages with over 20% of them tracking multiple times in a day. This shows that despite receiving prompt and regular shipping notifications, customers tracking their own orders on tracking pages really puts ‘smile’ on their faces and delights them. 

Thus, the need for eCommerce businesses to provide their customers with tracking pages is clear. However, not just any tracking page would do. Your self-hosted tracking pages need to be of the highest standards to not just meet but exceed customer expectations.

This is where ‘branded’ order tracking pages come in.  But before we get to the best efforts required to provide branded order tracking experiences, let’s start by looking at how far eCommerce businesses have been able to keep up with customers’ package tracking expectations. 

The Current State of Legacy Order Tracking Methods

Once the order gets shipped, the customer is sent a link that takes them to the carriers’ tracking page where they periodically track their orders as they unfold. However, this process is outdated and simply not the best for your business and brand building. 

For more context, The significant downside here is that carrier tracking pages are: 

  1. Off-brand
  2. Visually boring
  3. A marketing dead-end (does not encourage any further brand interaction)

Worry not though. There’s a better way to do tracking.

Rather than taking your customers to the carrier’s tracking page, you can direct them to your own tracking page that can help you provide post-purchase experiences that are on-brand and can also be your eCommerce store’s next marketing advantage.

In order to make things work a lot better in your favor, you need to provide ‘branded tracking pages’ that improve brand experience, inspire loyalty, and increase sales. But first what exactly is a branded tracking page?

What is an Ecommerce Branded Tracking Page and How You Can Create One?

A branded order tracking page is a tracking page hosted on your eCommerce website that enables your customers to track their online orders in real-time.

Apart from the usual content of delivery timeline, tracking details, real-time order status updates, etc, a branded tracking page also contains your brand elements such as logo, font, and color schemes to extend the branded experience from the product pages. Also, your branded tracking pages can contain personalized product recommendations and promotions to drive repeat sales. 

Thus, it is clear what role branded eCommerce tracking pages play in improving the customer experience during the post-purchase order delivery phase. To help you build great and beautiful-looking order tracking pages, here are some guidelines that you can follow.

Best practices to create an eCommerce order tracking page

eCommerce Branded Tracking Page for the holiday shopper