7 Tips for Using Videos to Increase E-commerce Sales6 min read

With new e-commerce stores springing up around the internet every other day, the competition is getting more fierce than ever. The challenge is to not only attract customers but be able to make them repeat purchases from the store. With this in mind, all the e-commerce companies are utilizing every possible way to gain shoppers. Every day, a new marketing scheme is adopted so that the store can highlight itself among a sea of competitors. 

Different media is brought into effective action such as audio excerpts or photos on social media. However, one medium that has been at the forefront as a marketing tool in the current year seems to be video advertising. 

There are a few tips and tricks that any e-commerce store can adopt to captivate the attention of customers by using videos. We will explore some of these tricks in this post.

1. Add Different Kinds of Videos to your Lead Capture Page

Only using one kind of video on the landing page is not enough to captivate the attention of the viewer. Testimonials through videos are an effective form of communication as they show that your product is tried and tested. 

Although the testimonials might work as a review many times, the product’s technical information can be missing from it. Therefore, it is essential to have tutorials on your product page that can show the customers how to effectively use it. 

Along with tutorials, it is also helpful to have videos that highlight the main features of the product. For example, if the store sells hair pieces, it would be a good addition to have a video that shows multiple ways in which the hair pieces can be donned.

2. Use Videos That Strike a Connection

The advantage that videos have over pictures is that they can contain more information and use transitions to make the information more digestible. – Brad Anderson, Founder of Fruition

Apart from that, videos are an excellent form of storytelling. As a consequence, the products can be used to tell stories about people who we know.

For instance, if customers watch a popular tennis player using a racquet from a certain brand, it makes them value the brand more. The story of these players can be used in the video advertising by the brand as well to reiterate the fact that success is closely associated with their brand. Buying this brand can thus give customers a sense of self-satisfaction.

3. Tell Your Business' Story Through a Video

All e-commerce stores try to introduce themselves by having an introductory page that narrates their story but not many choose video as their story-telling form. 

An introductory video captures t