Unique Holiday Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce brands with Examples7 min read

Ho Ho Ho! The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for brands to wipe the dust off the box, get in it and think outside of that box to bring in some quality holiday traffic. Holiday marketing could be very different from marketing throughout the year. Brands need to get all in with their tricks and tactics to pull off a successful and profitable holiday season. 

And this season, we come bearing holiday marketing ideas. 

Why should brands focus on their Holiday Marketing this season?

  • This year, the global e-commerce holiday sales is set to hit 1.2 trillion dollars. (Salesforce)
  • The holiday season is one of the most profitable seasons for any business. This year, the global retail spending will rise by 4.5% during the holiday season. (Deloitte)
  • An average consumer is set to hit $1,430 on an average during the holidays. (Salesforce)

If consumers are ready to open their wallets and splurge admist inflation, e-commerce brands should use this opportunity to make the most of it. 

Holiday Marketing Ideas brands should focus on

1. Spreading the spirit of Hope - Sephora

Sephora, the universal beauty brand, decided to spread ambition and joy in its holiday marketing campaign. This ad ‘Believe in your wish’  features people who are courageous enough to wish and say it out loud. It encourages people to be bold and positive.  Brands that use the power of emotion in their ads seem to establish a unique connection with their audience.

2. Giving back to the Community - M&S

M&S launched the campaign “Gift of Giving” for the holiday season. M&S partnered with a giving back platform called Neighborly, which supports local community groups. As you can see in the video below, the ad features different ethnicities and races, and the importance of giving back during the holiday season. M&S, partnered with Neighborly, donated one million pounds to 1,000 local community groups during the holiday season. They announced that a chunk of the profits from the holiday sale would contribute to the one million that is being donated to the local community groups. 

People often want to give back during these festive seasons, and M&S understood the assignment.

Anna Braithwaite, M&S Clothing & Home Marketing Director, said: “Through our campaign and product ranges we want to help make that possible; providing much needed funds to the incredible groups that light up our local communities and by doubling down to deliver the exceptional trusted value our customers want – as they seek out more considered, stylish and thoughtful gifts. There’a really is no better feeling than giving – and we hope this feel-good campaign puts a smile on our customers’