Last minute tips and tricks for BFCM – 2023 + checklist7 min read

BFCM is just around the corner. We know that as a brand, you must have worked on your SEO months ago and worked on various deals and marketing strategies to lock in the BFCM crowd. Here are a few last-minute tips and tricks that can help you with your whole BFCM strategy.

Last minute tips and tricks for BFCM

1. Retarget buyers with Banners and pop-ups in session

Banners and pop-ups would be something that brands already do when a customer enters the website. Either the brand offers x% discount in exchange for email addresses or a contact number. But we are not talking about the typical banners and pop-ups. We are talking about retargeting in session using banners and pop-ups. A lot of visitors tend to visit your website during the holiday season, especially BFCM. Many visitors tend to do their research before BFCM and purchase during BFCM due to the offers available. Now, you can target those revisiting customers with personalized banners and pop-ups just to entice them to buy the product that they have viewed or abandoned in the cart.

This could be beneficial in a lot of ways : 

  • Increase conversion rate 
  • Reduce abandonment rates
  • Offers Fine-tuned targeting 
  • Offers hyper personalized experience 
  • Enhances brand recall

2. Monitor your traffic with Heat maps

For those who are not already using heatmaps, now is the right time to install heatmaps on your website. Technically Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, but BFCM is when a huge chunk of sales happens. Targeting and monitoring how a typical user uses your website to browse products can be very insightful. These insights can further be used to re-target them or later during the Christmas holidays. This also says a lot about your consumer behavior. And how countdowns, banners, and pop-ups affect your consumer behavior.

Heatmaps also allow a brand to identify hotspots in their website. These hotspots could be enhanced using website designs and could be changed to festive elements to bring in the holiday mood.

3. Turn one time shoppers into lifetime customers

Don’t go cold on your one-time BFCM campaign visitor. Collect email addresses and contact numbers from them and try to stay in touch with them by adding them to your newsletter, subscriber, and email list. Send out various coupons and offers and personalize recommendations for them during the holiday season also. Building a relationship with your audience is very important in this digital world. We live in a relationship economy. There are a number of ways with which you can establish a relationship with a client. When a customer trusts you, they turn into brand advocates and you could use free word-of-mouth promotion to increase sales and acquire a lifetime customer.

Ways to build relationships with your customers

  • Loyalty Programs 
  • Customer Retention Activities 
  • Collecting the Feedback 
  • Post-Purchase Customer Service 
  • Omnichannel Messaging