How E-commerce Businesses Can Have a Great Festive Season in 20226 min read

For shoppers, the festive season comprises the much-needed break they deserve from their daily lives to spend quality time meeting friends, family, and colleagues; traveling; buying gifts for their loved ones; etc.  

However, for e-commerce retail businesses the next 3 months (From Halloween to New Year) are pretty hectic, as they have to come up with new initiatives to sell more products, delight all customers, and most importantly have a season to remember. 

To help them save time and effort. We have come up with some ideas that can help them get prepared in advance and increase revenue opportunities this festive season. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what they are.

But before that, we at have prepared a downloadable checklist comprising 30+ actionable ways to help you boost holiday sales. Feel free to check it out. 

How E-commerce Businesses Can Have a Great Festive Season in 2022

1. Anticipate higher than regular seasonal visitors/potential shoppers

Holiday sales are usually 3x or even 4x than the rest of the year. Also, this year, experts are still hopeful of holiday retail and e-commerce sales increasing over 2021 numbers despite inflation putting a burden on customers’ spending. 

Thus, it is clear that e-commerce businesses will have to deal with a higher number of shoppers than usual. However, more shoppers won’t equal more sales if businesses have not anticipated this holiday season trend. 

For example, 

  • A website/ application that is not optimized to handle the incoming traffic and crashes often
  • A lack of inventory at hand that there are frequent ‘out-of-stock’ labels on fast-selling products
  • Insecure site and payment gateways
  • A lack of personalized experience 

All of it can cause customer dissatisfaction and discourages sales and repeat purchases. 

Therefore, businesses must start with an optimized shopping experience to enjoy festive season success before the incoming rush. 

2. Get into the festive mood

A great way to display trustworthiness in today’s scenario is staying relevant to the current trends and frequently updating business practices to suit the customers’ trends. 

Let’s take a look at the former for now. 

Imagine customers with the festive mood flowing through them, looking for holiday gifts for a very important person in their life. But to their shock, the website looks the same old — without a holiday theme, no special season offers, no special product launches, etc. This gives them the feeling that they might be shopping for the holiday season in March and June. And this might be bad for businesses.