LoveNspire: A Journey of Pandemic Generosity to Global Success – Nidhi’s Story9 min read

Nidhi is the face of LoveNspire. LoveNspire is a thriving D2C store specializing in culturally rich, ethnic products that include over 2500 products. They sell handcrafted gift items, jewelry, home and festive decor. Born during the pandemic, they’ve grown from a one person operation to a global store, catering to customers all over US, Europe and Canada. 

That’s a huge leap in four years. And not only that, the brand has over 3000+ 5-star reviews. We eagerly listened as Nidhi Spilled the Tea on How LoveNspire racked up these awesome reviews.

Would you like to throw some light on what happened in those early days and how the brand started out?

It all started during the pandemic, which was 2020. There was a scarcity of masks in the United States, during COVID. Hospitals and first responders were urging people around to make masks and help people out. I had a sewing machine at home. I have never sewn masks, but I thought that I could try it out. I watched some tutorials and I started making masks. I gave them out for free. Some people refused to take them for free and they wanted to pay me. Slowly through word of mouth and social media, many of my friends and neighbors started approaching me, asking for masks and within two, three months, I made more than 50 designs of masks, helped more than 500 people, made more than 2000 masks. It never stopped there. I think LoveNspire started out like that.

After that, some of my customers approached me and wanted me to make Rakhis (Rakhi is a bracelet gifted to siblings – an Indian tradition). Logistics was a problem from India to the United States. People wanted Rakhi to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival. (it is a celebration of sister and brother bond)

Many Indians from India started asking me if they can send a rakhi to their siblings in the US. That’s when we again started making DIY rakhis. Within like a span of one month, we helped out more than 1000 customers and made more than 25 designs of Rakhis. We got a very good response and it was rewarding. That’s when we realized that there’s a gap which we can try to fill in. There was this next festival which was Diwali (Diwali is the Indian festival of lights). I made DIY stuff at home. 

Slowly, we started collaborating with some of the women artisans back in India. At that time, logistics started opening up, internationally. That was a good time to pitch in and start collaborating. For Diwali, we got a huge response, we launched more than 50 products. We got amazing five star reviews. And from there, we never looked back. Today, we have more than 2500 products, and we have more than 2500 positive reviews from our customers. 

Wow, that’s truly inspirational. There are four and a half million Indians in the United States and there are many ethnic brands out there. How do you really make your brand stand out and appeal to this crowd?

There are many things to add on, but I will just highlight four important things. 

First and foremost, is that we have a very wide portfolio of our products. We have all kinds of products for Indian festivals. They are handmade Indian ethnic products made by Indian artisans. Not only that, but we are very accommodating for everybody. Pricing is very good. We can cater to all kinds of customers internationally. 

Second is, Quality of our products. We take quality very seriously. We make sure that we provide the best quality.  

Thirdly, Customer service is very important for us. We are available to our customers by email, chat or by call. If there is anything, any queries or questions, we answer them immediately. 

Last but not the least, is shipping. We ship out items from our warehouse in Michigan within, one business day, we try to ship our products out ASAP.

These are the four most important things for us.

That’s indeed true. Businesses cannot compromise on the above stated factors. You have more than 3000+ positive reviews. How did you achieve that?

We are reachable to customers by email or by text or by call or Zoom calls. This is how we are trying to make ourselves available and put them at ease. Even in our listings, our products have good product descriptions and images. This helps the customers make the buying decision. We provide them with a lot of information before they buy. We try to make ourselves available through any and every means to the customer before and after they make the purchase.

Products are categorized under festivals and the events, which makes it easy for customers to navigate through our online store. The whole experience for them is really easy and convenient. Everything is done keeping customers in mind and their convenience. 

Customer feedback is taken seriously. If we get to know that there’s anything we can do to make our customer experience better, we do it right away. If there’s any problem, we make sure that at the end of the day, it’s resolved and the customer is happy. It’s all about retaining your customer and becoming a family. We don’t want to work with a customer for one time, We want to give them an experience. We want them to become lifelong customers. That’s what we believe in, strongly. 

That’s very impressive. In terms of shipping, do you face any challenges? 

The biggest challenge in shipping would be the timing. We try to resolve this by providing multiple shipping options. 

We have standard shipping. Above $35, we have free shipping. Depending on the geographic location; it reaches them within one business day to five business days.

The second is premium shipping, where the products reach customers in two to three business days. 

If people have emergencies and they need the product ASAP, we have Next day shipping too. 

It depends upon the customer’s requirement, they can choose the shipping options.

We’re sure that this helps you build trust and credibility for many first time shoppers as well as repeat customers that you get. We know that you put a lot of focus on your post-purchase customer experience. Why so? 

Everybody wants to keep themselves updated on what’s going on with their shipments. Because the timeline is everything. Timely delivery is very important for the customer. Once the customer is placing an order, we make sure they immediately get a notification, by email or by chat, that they’re order has been received and that it will be shipped within the next few hours or one business day.

That’s the first thing we do and after that, we’ve been working with for quite some time and they have really helped us out to keep our customers updated. Once we ship out the order to the customer, comes into the picture where they keep the customer updated about the whole journey of their package, and this just keeps the customer at ease. They are informed on where the package is and if there are any discrepancies, the customer gets to know, if there are any timeline issues, even as a business owner, we get to know and this is such an amazing thing. 

Sometimes, we have to take action immediately, call the customer or immediately get in touch with them and tell them this is what is going on. We ask how we can make it better and then come up with a solution and make things right. Thank you for that. It’s really amazing. This enables us to proactively communicate as a business, where we are reaching out to our customers, informing them that this is what is happening before they come out to us. Customer Experience is everything to us, this has tremendously helped us out as a business.

Thank you, These are words that really fuel us and keep us going. As a woman leader, we’re all truly inspired from what you’ve created at LoveNspire. What advice would you give all the women entrepreneurs out there who are probably just starting out?

As a woman entrepreneur, you have to wear different hats; as an entrepreneur, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter. It’s really challenging, and I must say that work-life balance is very important. One needs to have a strong support mechanism in your family, where, if you need something, somebody is there to help you out, and time management is very important. You need to have priorities, what are you going to do in a day, because you cannot do everything, you need to have great time management, and you need to prioritize what you have to do. If my glass is full, I can help out others. I think that all of us need to do that as business entrepreneurs. 

Second is that when we started this business, we never knew how this journey was going to be. One needs to be very consistent in one’s efforts, and one needs to have a lot of persistence because failures are a part of business.

Trust me, you are falling every other moment. If you think that you’re gonna be good after one year, two years, NO, every moment, you’re having failures, but you have to get up because that’s where you learn, and you can learn from your mistakes, and you get up and you get better and better every day,

You need to have the right partners and collaborate with the right vendors because you’re not gonna do it alone. You need to have people around you, your success depends upon how good they are. You need to be very creative and innovative in your business, you need to bring in new technologies and test new products, you need to understand what customers are looking for and it keeps on changing too. Your business needs to keep changing to the customer’s tastes and customers’ expectations and keep bringing something new and creative. 

Be hungry for more and more, and keep working towards it. Never get settled for less, just be hungry.

That’s very inspiring. The main takeaway is to stay humble and stay grounded. Thank you, Nidhi. 

Raksna Anand

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