How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your eCommerce Website8 min read

The average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is 2.86%.

Yes, that’s a shockingly low amount of people buying at the first try. Even if you get a lot of new visitors – it might not cut it to make enough sales. 


So instead of focusing on getting as many people as possible to come to your site, let’s look at luring visitors back in who you are more likely to seal the deal with.

How to Hack Your Re-targeting Efforts

So, first things first. Someone came, saw, and didn’t shop. Don’t just let them go and move on to attracting new visitors just yet: you still might be able to convince them to complete their order. That’s where re-targeting comes in.


Maybe they simply need a reminder. Running re-targeting ads on social media could do the trick, but if you want to kick things up a notch, here are some techniques and tips to keep in mind. 

Re-target those who leave the checkout page with a coupon