Enhance Holiday Post-Purchase Experience with Existing Tools6 min read

eCommerce brands are constantly looking forward to improve their services at every touchpoint to build a loyal customer tribe and grow. And one way they are advancing in their said vision is by constantly adopting newer technology in every area of operations — such as product discovery and website optimization.  

All of this boils down to providing immaculate CX and increasing their operational efficiency, given we as a market are moving towards an experience-based economy from the previous price-based economy. 

Over 45% of business professionals say that CX is the number one priority for them (rather than price and the product itself) when it comes to repeat shopping. 

Understanding how you can leverage technology to enhance the experience on your store is pivotal in picking the right tool to support your scaling efforts and improve your customers’ experiences at every stage of their journey.  

However, the grim reality is that most businesses today are ready to invest in pre-purchase and purchase phases of the customer journey, but often oversee the post-purchase phase. In fact, it is the post-purchase phase that truly builds trust and confidence in customers before they choose to shop from you again.

The post-purchase experience takes up 50% of the overall order experience and is key to boosting repeat purchases. 

With advanced shipment tracking, delivery, and returns management tech, brands big or small can easily provide great post-purchase experiences that drive fierce customer loyalty. 

But before we dive into that, let’s understand the need for a great post-purchase experience. 

Why Do Brands Need to Provide Their Customers with a Great Post-Purchase Experience?

Offering a great post-purchase customer experience is not an option but more of a necessity. The CX in the post-purchase phase makes up 50% of the overall order experience. Not paying attention to your customers at this phase, creates a big CX gap that comes with a lot of consequences in the form of:

  • 1-in-3 customers abandon a brand after just one bad delivery or returns experience
  • 30% of customers share negative experiences with close ones and on social media, demotivating other prospects from shopping with you
  • Up to 40% of customer support tickets created are shipping, delivery, or returns related
  • 8 to 10 customer engagement and revenue growth opportunities are lost during the post-purchase customer journey
  • Average NPS scores are 4 or below for customers facing delivery or returns issues.  

An alarming 22% – 30% of your Holiday parcels will face delivery issues due to shipping network congestions.

This is more than enough to show that you are entitled to miss out on lot of things by not paying attention to your post-purchase experience. 

Worry not! 

This is the right time to kick off your journey to providing a stellar post-purchase experience, given that he holiday season is a time when eCommerce witnesses a spike in orders. 

So, here’s how you can enhance your customers’ post-purchase experience. And for the best part, here are some ways for you to do that without making any changes to the existing tools that you’re using.

Leverage Existing Tools to Enhance Your Customers' Holiday Post-Purchase Experience

LateShipment.com integrations to iimprove post-purchase CX