How to Package Odd-Shaped/Sized Objects for Shipping?9 min read

People judge a book by its cover, a movie by its trailer, and a parcel by its packaging.


When you ship a product across and the customer has a first look, the packaging that matters.


A neatly-packaged product delivered without any flaws speaks volumes about brand credibility more than a wonderful product that turns up at a customer’s doorstep haphazardly packed.


But packaging isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is an exhaustive task that requires considerable planning and work. 


Packaging heavily depends upon the types of products that you sell. 


T-shirts, books, pillow covers, etc. are fairly straight-forward and don’t entail much worry. But what about packaging odd-shaped objects? Well, that certainly requires some creativity. 


Let’s explore how one can package odd-shaped and odd-sized products not just flawlessly and creatively but also efficiently. 


But first…

What Are Odd-Shaped/Sized Objects?

An odd-shaped object can be anything from an ornate vase to a car mirror, or a tire. Basically, anything that doesn’t fit into the mold of a square or a rectangle. 

Let’s say you have a sculpture, cycle, or even a car bumper to ship; they fall into the category of odd-sized objects as they cannot be contained within a usual carton box. 

Odd-Shaped vs Odd-sized