6 CX Trends for E-commerce Businesses to Look out for in 202312 min read

Still haven’t gotten back from a much-needed break after a busy holiday season? 

But the time to relax isn’t just here yet. Moving onto 2023, we need to draft our plans early to reach our goals for the year. Remember, implementing tested strategies helps you save time later in the game, when all you have to do is just minor changes instead of scratching your head and looking at the drawing board again. 

That’s just the partial reason behind the working of this article. The main reason is due to the fact that customer experience (CX) much like e-commerce is an ever-changing area and you need to keep yourself updated with new trends in the field to thrive and enjoy success. 

Before we get started with the CX trends you must be aware of/ implement in 2023, let’s revisit things a little. 

Why E-commerce Businesses Need to Stay Updated with the CX Trends

CX is a powerful element that e-commerce businesses simply can’t ignore because it contains the power to impact important customer satisfaction metrics such as CSAT scores, retention rates, and lifetime value. In short, CX helps you build and maintain a loyal customer base.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

That’s not all! As we get deeper into this, we’ll also look at some pain points e-commerce businesses may face if they are not updated with the current CX trends in their field. 

  1. Decreased customer satisfaction – With high customer expectations, settling for the bare minimum with CX can cause customers to become frustrated, leading to decreased satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Increased churn – These customers who are not satisfied with their CX may be more likely to churn and take their business elsewhere, leading to a decline in sales and revenue for the business.
  3. Negative brand reputation – Apart from just shopping with you, these customers will also be keen to share their frustrations on social media, leading to negative word-of-mouth and damaging your brand’s online reputation.
  4. Difficulty attracting new customers – A poor CX can make it difficult for an e-commerce business to attract new customers and may result in a decrease in overall growth.
  5. Increased competition – E-commerce businesses that are not keeping up with CX trends may struggle to compete with businesses that are prioritizing CX and offering a better customer experience.

Now that we’re aware of the importance of CX and staying updated with it, let’s move on to the focus of the article — CX trends that are in store for 2023.

6 E-commerce CX Trends to Look out for in 2023

Paying attention to growing trends can help you boost your business’s bottom line and ensure you’re not left behind, which is increasingly important in today’s competitive market. So, without any further ado, here are some e-commerce CX trends that are predicted in 2023:

1. Brands will employ different personalization techniques to stay relevant

It’s 2023, CX is no longer about just customer experiences but “customized experiences”. 

Customized experiences are the need of the hour for customers who expect brands to know about them and provide experiences that are tailor-made for them, i.e customers expect a personalized experience at every channel and touchpoint.

The data speaks for itself, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that make them feel special with their interactions via personalized offerings and recommendations. This means that personalization is no longer an option to have but has become the bare minimum. 

So how exactly can you use personalization to stay relevant? 

  • Hyper-personalization – With the help of shared customer data from tech stack integrations, you can enable different cust