Angry Customer Rants on Twitter for Common Post-purchase Issues10 min read

Delivery issues are inevitable and particularly more frequent during the holiday season. But we can’t blame the shipping carriers for it. This is because the huge incoming volume of shipments really puts a strain on their capacity to deliver orders properly. 

However, that doesn’t mean we let them get away with delivery issues because an angry customer doesn’t delve deep into the reasons behind the issue. They just want their orders intact and on time. 

Being an e-commerce merchant, you may be accustomed to delays but for customers, they are always difficult to process, which may result in a burst of emotions. But we also can’t blame them for it. 

As your customers’ shopping experience is completely virtual, they have gotten accustomed to getting relief only when a physical parcel shows up on their doorstep. Until then, they are constantly anxious. Even a minor inconvenience in their delivery waiting period will lead to your business paying a heavy price in terms of angry customer rants and poor online reviews. 

Here’s the thing about these rants:

  1. In most cases, they are directed towards you, the retailer, rather than the shipping carrier as customers hold the business they purchased from accountable rather than the carrier. 
  2. They have the power to demotivate potential customers who might be looking forward to shopping with the business by damaging the brand’s online reputation. 

So, if you’re wondering what it is that you can do when facing such situations, this post is for you. 

The reason for this post’s existence is: to let you know of the consequences of angry customer rants on social media, particularly the fan-favorite Twitter, and resolve them, to avoid them from becoming a headache. 

Common Issues That an Angry Customer Takes to Social Media

While there are a long list errors that a package can face while making its way from the e-commerce store, there are just 5 major issues that an angry customer often takes to social media.

  1. Where Is My Order? (WISMO) 
  2. My Order is Late
  3. My Package is Lost
  4. I have received a damaged package 
  5. I’m Not Satisfied with the Given Response 

Let’s take a closer look at how angry customers expressed their ire over these issues on Twitter and what your business can do to prevent or handle such situations.

1. Where Is My Order? (WISMO)

Customers expect to be kept in the know of the whereabouts of their parcels as they eagerly await their delivery. When they are unable to see regular shipping event updates on the shipping carrier’s tracking page, they feel aggrieved and helpless. This in turn leads to repeated WISMO inquiries that consume all of your support reps’ time. 

Now, imagine a scenario where there is a lack of response from support teams to such queries. In such cases, these anxious customers don’t hesitate to quickly take the issue to Twitter, where they simply call out the brand and get the attention of others, just like this.