7 Quirky Social Media handles to get inspired from6 min read

As a brand, do you have social media handles? Of course, you do. Every brand has a social media handle which establishes its presence online and communicates with its customers from a social standpoint. Posting regularly on social media also informs the customer about what the brand has been doing. Many customers often search for a brand on social media platforms first, before they go to their official website. For many brands, social media provides a first impression of the brand for the customers.

Have you been posting constantly and catching up with the current trends? Don’t get us started about the difficulties of staying on top of the ever-changing trends, the words that you shouldn’t use to get canceled, following bizzare rules levied by the social media platform, having a social voice without offending anyone while also promoting your brand. It can be overwhelming. Even if you do all this, you can go unnoticed. Because every other brand does it! 

Ever thought of taking the quirky unconventional path? No, no, we know what you’re thinking. Quirkiness also gets you noticed on social media. Here is a list of a few brands (well-known brands, actually), that use savageness, quirkiness, dark humour and crude humour in their social media. You won’t believe us, but their strategy has got them a devoted follower base.

Quirky Social Media handles to get inspired from

1. Zomato

Zomato is a food delivery app in India. Zomato uses a combination of fun, sarcasm, comparison, current affairs, and trendy topics to engage with their customers.

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Recently they used their own brand’s name pronunciation as a social media trend whether to pronounce their name as ‘Zomaito or Zomato’. Zomato featured a series of celebrities in their ads to endorse Zomato. None of these videos actually declared the right pronunciation of Zomato but ended up in a quirky way promoting Zomato itself.

This Instagram pos below is another example of how Zomato uses humor in their social media handles.


Zomato Using Humour in their Social Media Strategy
Zomato Using Humour in their Social Media Strategy

2. Croma

Croma uses moment marketing and meme marketing to drive engagement on its social media handles.

Croma using the current events to engage with their audience

3. Ryan air

Ryanair uses dark humor and savageness in their social media handles. So, below is an example, a classic example of how Ryanair promotes its brand.

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Ryanair is a budget-friendly airline operated in the European Union. It offers cheap flight rates but amenities aren’t so sophisticated compared to the normal typical flights. Even though people know that Ryanair is very basic, they still choose this airline owing to its cheaper rates. Ryanair uses this consumer behaviour and strategizes its online presence on social media.

Ryanair also engages with the audience in the comments section. Ryanair responds to any negative comments with a very savage approach and it still has a very huge customer base and social media following. 

4. Swiggy

Swiggy is also a food technology company in India, which uses relatable posts and witty one-liners in meme marketing to advertise on social media. The below post, which translates to, “Who googled this”, is one example of how Swiggy poses itself on social media. Swiggy also uses its employees to make memes.

Swiggy's mix of funny and topical posts
Swiggy's mix of funny and topical posts

5. Aviation gin

Have you seen Deadpool? Well, Ryan Reynolds is the owner of Aviation Gin and he mimics the same swag that he had in the scenes of Deadpool to promote his brand Aviation Gin. He also does eyeball hijacking.

Eyeball hijacking is leveraging current trends and adapting them quickly to catch the eyeballs of the audience and engage with the brand. Ryan isn’t afraid to break the walls of social media with his witty banter and self-deprecating humour.

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6. Duolingo

Many followers call Duolingo’s mascot cute. Duolingo uses its mascot to promote its social media strategy. It even collaborates with celebrities with the social media mascot present. This mascot isn’t not popular. This Owl even got invited to Barbie’s premiere. Duolingo uses entrainment to teach stuff. 

7. Dunzo

Dunzo is a hyperlocal delivery service which uses meme marketing and moment marketing to approach its audience in social media along with consumable comics. Dunzo’s mascot is even a comic.

If you know, you know!
If you know, you know!

Social Media Trends in 2023

Do you still think collaborating with influencers is the trend? Nah! It’s the norm. Find out some of the social media trends of 2023

  • ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, that’s ASMR. ASMR is a social media trend that’s been going viral for the past few months. It’s nothing but someone whispering into the mic very closely, giving a chill down the spine for the viewers watching. It doesn’t involve a lot of music or any audio-visual effects. It’s just someone really amplifying the sound of the task that is being carried out by the person in front of the camera. 
  • Subscription-only content basis: Using Instagram’s new feature of subscription-only channels, brands can grant exclusive access to those audiences who have subscribed. They can offer exclusive access, early product releases, member-only discounts, and post educational content, which builds the community.
  • Broadcast channels: Broadcast channels are one way to keep in constant touch with your audience. You don’t have to post salesy stuff through your broadcast channels. You can give quick tips and tricks on what’s happening in your business’s realm, to update your customers. This is one way to engage with your customers by adding them to your broadcast channel.

Wrapping Up

If one had told us that ASMR would be so trending right now, I wouldn’t be able to believe you in the past. Social media trends can change rapidly overnight, and one strategy that you’re doing can go out of the trend just like that. It’s important to keep up with what your customers want to see. There are millions of other brands which catch up with these trends, and if you don’t do so, you might be considered irrelevant.

But sometimes that irrelevancy is also what customers expect. In a world where everyone follows the same sheep, your brand could be one black sheep which stands out of the crowd with your unconventional ways. The only way to know what strategy works for you is by testing, testing, and testing.