7 Quirky Social Media handles to get inspired from6 min read

As a brand, do you have social media handles? Of course, you do. Every brand has a social media handle which establishes its presence online and communicates with its customers from a social standpoint. Posting regularly on social media also informs the customer about what the brand has been doing. Many customers often search for a brand on social media platforms first, before they go to their official website. For many brands, social media provides a first impression of the brand for the customers.

Have you been posting constantly and catching up with the current trends? Don’t get us started about the difficulties of staying on top of the ever-changing trends, the words that you shouldn’t use to get canceled, following bizzare rules levied by the social media platform, having a social voice without offending anyone while also promoting your brand. It can be overwhelming. Even if you do all this, you can go unnoticed. Because every other brand does it! 

Ever thought of taking the quirky unconventional path? No, no, we know what you’re thinking. Quirkiness also gets you noticed on social media. Here is a list of a few brands (well-known brands, actually), that use savageness, quirkiness, dark humour and crude humour in their social media. You won’t believe us, but their strategy has got them a devoted follower base.

Quirky Social Media handles to get inspired from

1. Zomato

Zomato is a food delivery app in India. Zomato uses a combination of fun, sarcasm, comparison, current affairs, and trendy topics to engage with their customers.

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Recently they used their own brand’s name pronunciation as a social media trend whether to pronounce their name as ‘Zomaito or Zomato’. Zomato featured a series of celebrities in their ads to endorse Zomato. None of these videos actually declared the right pronunciation of Zomato but ended up in a quirky way promoting Zomato itself.

This Instagram pos below is another example of how Zomato uses humor in their social media handles.


Zomato Using Humour in their Social Media Strategy
Zomato Using Humour in their Social Media Strategy

2. Croma