7 festive packaging ideas to drive up the holiday sales

7 festive packaging ideas to drive up the holiday sales6 min read

Have you come up with creative holiday packaging ideas? Holiday packaging is essential to bring a festive mood to the customers. 

The sole purpose of a package is to protect the shipment of the product from being damaged while in transit. But, a package can also be used as a marketing tool. Find out how.

Why do you need holiday packaging?

  • Great Unboxing experience: There are various social media trends out there, but one trend that’s still existing. It is the unboxing experience. When a customer receives a very great package from any brand, they tend to make Social Media videos of them unboxing the package. This could spread your brand awareness and improve a positive customer experience. The customer also gets to be curious and delighted to open the package.
  • Bringing in the holiday mood: Your site is going to be decorated with festive elements, you will have seasonal products marketed into your strategy, why not enforce the festive touch in your package by adding colourful elements to the whole unboxing experience? This would make it visually appealing and also holiday-themed.
  • Time-saving for your customers: Often products are purchased to be gifted to someone else during the holiday season. While your customer would be busy during the holiday season spending their time with their loved ones, they’d have to go to an extra length to package the gifts themselves. If you as a brand go the extra mile to do this for your customers, the customer will have an everlasting impression on you that you saved time during the holidays for them. In fact, time is everything during the holiday season.
  • Free marketing and promotion: This packaging would definitely be branded and holiday-themed. What more can you do for free margarine promotion among your audience?

Here’s a checklist of packaging to-dos.

7 festive packaging ideas to drive up the holiday sales

1. Wax seals

Wax seals are one unique way to seal your packages during the holiday season. Wax seals can be easily customized to match your brand’s theme and the holiday theme, creating a good memory for the customers, which also creates a very great unboxing experience. There is elegance and tradition in wax seals.

Top off your packages with trending Wax Seals
Top off your packages with trending Wax Seals

2. Personalized note

Personalization is very important, especially during the holiday season. It contributes to retention. You can add the feature of customers writing personalized notes for their loved ones to be gifted during the holiday season. You can add handwritten notes from the brand also wish your customer very happy holidays. A handwritten note would be a nice personal touch and the customer would also recognize your efforts to engage with them, turning them into loyal customers.

Avail personalised note customisation for your customers
Avail personalised note customisation for your customers

3. Interactive Unboxing

Interactive Unboxing would be a very delightful surprise for your customers. On top of not only receiving gifts, they will also have an additional element of surprise in their gifting, which is Interactive Unboxing. Below is a video of an example of Interactive Unboxing

This increases social sharing, sales and engagement, enhances customer experience, builds brand loyalty, generates buzz and anticipation, and provides customer satisfaction.

4. Eco-friendly packaging

Your product might be sustainable. Make your packaging also sustainable to entice your customers into buying from you. 

66% of customers would pay more for sustainable products. (Statista)

This is one trend that is here to stay. Who said that eco-friendly packages aren’t cute? Look at the inspiration below.

Eco-friendly packaging options
Eco-friendly packaging options

5. Creative packaging

Start to get creative with your holiday packaging. Most of the brands would go for the red and white traditional packaging and also establish their branding elements onto the package. You don’t have to necessarily follow that. You can go with different packaging ideas that don’t resemble traditional holiday season vibes but bring an entirely different vibe. That is one perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

6. Adding festive elements inside the package

While you concentrate on the product and the outer surface of what the package looks like, it is important to create a very good unboxing experience too by adding festive elements inside the package also. You can add snowflakes or glitters or dried flowers inside your package so that it falls on to the customer when they open, bringing in a magical spirit to your product.

7. Interactive QR code

Every single area of your package can be utilized to bring in a festive mood. One such creative idea is a QR code. You can leverage AR and VR for the unboxing experience of your customer. You can create interactive QR codes that would take your customers to your holiday content, products on sale, or holiday-themed videos to entertain your customers. Customize your QR code for easy returns and exchanges. Another way to creatively use these QR codes is to enroll your customers automatically for holiday contest entries.

Protect your packages

An e-commerce brand goes to a great extent to give a positive customer experience, starting from luring the customers into their store through various promotional activities, up until the time when they send shipping and tracking notifications to their customers to keep them in the loop. But what if your high-value product or your limited-edition product gets lost or damaged during transit? As an e-commerce brand, you can do many things to protect your package and one such thing is shipping insurance.

Shipping insurance is a great way to get your product insured and if anything goes wrong, you can always file claims with your shipping insurance provider to get back the money that you have invested in the product. While supply chain disruptions are very common during the holiday season, we recommend that you protect your packages with shipping insurance.

Wrapping Up

Remember that you do all these activities to retain a lifetime customer. Giving a positive experience to your customer by concentrating on every single touch, including holiday packaging ideas is a great way to show your dedication towards keeping your customers satisfied. Keep in touch with them by collecting their feedback and making them feel valuable. Send out frequent communications regarding your offer and discounts. Reach out to your customers during their important dates and make them feel satisfied. 

Good Luck with the Holidays!

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