Holiday Website Design Ideas to bring in the Festive Joy6 min read

The holiday season is just around the corner and we’re starting to see festive cheers everywhere. The streets are going to be decorated with lights and chandeliers. The mall is going to have Christmas trees and the houses would have wreaths in front of them. But have you ever thought of this? A person who’s walking around  all these festive cheers would expect those festive cheers to follow them everywhere. With ‘ecommerce delivery here to replace chimney delivery’, most people would visit Ecommerce sites to do their holiday shopping. It would only do justice for them if they are greeted by the brands with the same holiday mood. Yes, we’re talking about Holiday Website Designs. 

It’s not just enough to promote your special holiday offers, gifts, bundles and discounts without the holiday vibe. ( vibe – we’re adapting the Gen Z vocabulary now). Bring in that fun, excitement, and job and make the users get indulged with your brand by creating some awesome holiday website. Here are some inspirations website design ideas for you. 

Best Practices for Holiday Website Design

  • Typography, iconography, imagery, and the animated elements should align with your brand’s guidelines.
  • The Holiday Website design shouldn’t be a hindrance to the overall user experience
  • Research Current trends and stay on top of them
  • Do highlight your best moving products on your website
  • Dont Use Cliché Imageries

Holiday Website Design Ideas to bring in the Festive Joy

1. Homepage Design Inpiration

The Homepage is the first page your visitor is going to see. The first impression should always be the best impression. Brands need to make the homepage visually appealing and at the same time convey all the ongoing offers. Here’s when Bold CTA’s, Interactive elements and countdowns play a major role. Here are some website design ideas for your website.

Macy's Homepage for the Holiday Season
Macy's Homepage for the Holiday Season - Emphasis the on-going offers, Clear CTAs,
Homepage of Starbucks
Homepage of Starbucks - Showcasing the festive products