The importance of Estimated Delivery Date during the holidays5 min read

Do you know what customers search for in the checkout page? It’s the estimated delivery date. Yes

 45% of customers abandon their carts because of unsatisfactory delivery options.(shipbob)

It is important to provide your customers with accurate shipping information including estimated delivery date.

What is estimated delivery date?

46% of e-commerce customers prefer to know the ETA of their package before they place their order (timesofIndia)

An estimated delivery date is the exact date on which the package the customer has ordered would reach their doorstep. It depends on various factors such as the time taken for the product to be shipped, distance, preferred shipping method and transit time.

Imagine that a customer is shopping last minute for Christmas gifts for their loved one. In this case, the accurate delivery date plays an important role because the customer wants to know if the product will reach them on time. Hence, we recommend all e-commerce businesses to include estimated delivery dates in their product page and checkout page. 

Why is estimated delivery date important?

1. Builds trust and authority

The primary goal of establishing the estimated delivery date is to build a trust and authority factor over the brand. Especially when the customer receives the product on time, it fosters a good customer experience. Estimated delivery date not only provides accurate information but also encloses professionalism. When all the satisfactions are met in terms of the product and when the product arrives on time, it sets the stage for retention.

Estimated Delivery Date on Products
Estimated Delivery Date on Products

2. Increases sales

When the customer sees the accurate delivery date and if it aligns with their timeline, it would definitely be a huge factor to nudge them to click that buy button. During the holiday season, especially when time is everything, an accurate delivery date could give them a picture of what they can expect. This also reduces the cart abandonment rate. The customer would be very excited, especially when there are faster shipping options. They will anticipate more to receive the order.

3. Reduce WISMO enquiries

An average customer visits the branded tracking page 6-8 times while the shipment is in transit. Customer anxiety runs high, especially during the holiday season. Providing an accurate delivery date can drastically reduce WISMO enquiries. It is not only about specifying an accurate delivery date, it is important that you mention the date on the branded tracking page. 

Near-accurate EDD results in a 76% drop in WISMO calls, even in case of delayed deliveries. (Australiapost)

This way, customer support representatives can handle more pressing queries rather than focusing on WISMO enquiries. 

Setting Expectations right throughout the tracking moments
Setting Expectations right throughout the tracking moments

4. Setting customer expectations right

A. Managing Anticipation: Customers will know when they will receive the order and when they can anticipate receiving their orders This sets clear expectations and rules against any uncertainties Especially during the holiday season when supply chain disruptions are really high, an estimated delivery date could be a game changer leading to customer satisfaction

B. Avoiding unpleasant surprises: Without the accurate delivery date, the customer would imagine that a certain product could be shipped in a certain date and if that doesn’t happen, it leads to frustration which in turn gives a very bad delivery experience affecting the brand’s perception. The customer will have a completely different perception of the brand from here on

C. Gift of Giving: Usually during the holiday season, customers plan on gifting their loved ones and if they do not know the estimated delivery date of when this would happen then they wouldn’t be able to make a certain plan leaving them hanging.

5. Reduces Porch piracy

Porch-piracy is an epidemic. With the explosive growing of e-commerce sales, package theft has become more prevalent, relevant than ever.

One in two Americans have had their package stolen. Now, in some states, package theft has moved from a conviction to a felony. Providing accurate delivery date and time can allow the customers to accommodate a specific time during the date collected packages from the delivery partner. Thus, accurate delivery date and time can save you a lot of money and prevent your customers from experiencing a bad moment. 

Where to display the estimated delivery date?

  • Product page
  • Checkout page
  • Shopping cart page 
  • Order confirmation page 
  • Order confirmation email 
  • Branded tracking page 
  • Customer Account dashboard 
  • Customer service page 

Wrapping Up

In this ever-bustling world, brands need to adapt to certain strategies to stay relevant. Including estimated delivery dates is an important feature which plays a major role in pushing the customer towards clicking the buy button. 

Most of the customers want their order to be delivered yesterday. In such cases, it is better to provide customers with shipping optionality. Shipping optionality is the feature to provide customers with multiple shipping options, varying from expedited shipping to eco-friendly shipping to standard shipping options. This way the customer has the freedom to choose when they want their product to be delivered. Most of the customers who choose expedited shipping options often are willing to pay extra to get the product shipped and delivered soon. Try conveying as much information and provide customers with as much shipping options as you can for a better customer experience.