How Packaging Contributes to the Growth of an E-commerce Business2 min read

Analysts expect the value of the business-to-customer (B2C) market to reach over $7 trillion in 2030. The continued increase of e-commerce enterprises will make it more challenging for companies to stand out from the rest. 

Brand identity will undeniably help businesses achieve the goal of automatic recognition, but it needs to be applied consistently to all their marketing efforts. 

The packaging of your products is a vital aspect of this. It is part of the post-purchase experience and giving your clients a pleasant one will nurture customer retention.

Packaging Creates a Lasting First Impression

Great packaging with your brand on it can influence a first-time customer’s impression of your company.

Aside from conveying what your business stands for, it can delight clients and even urge them to make posts on their social media accounts. If done cleverly, you may have repeat customers who may keep on buying just because they love how their purchases look when delivered.

According to marketing experts Neon Ambition, creating a great brand identity that will set you apart from other online merchants is essential if you want to see your business grow.

Make sure that your brand colors, logo, and name are visible on the packaging.

Creative Packaging Makes Advertising Less Costly

Marketing campaigns can be costly and “packvertising” is the less expensive way to advertise your products, according to Packhelp.

Packvertising or using packaging for advertising is an innovative approach that helps promote goods AND beautifully secure them at a lower price. 

A striking package design is a brilliant marketing strategy. It is very effective when you use it together with social media, content, and email marketing.

Packaging Shapes an Emotional Connection

Customers consider packaging almost as important as the products inside in the opinion of the GWP Group. They know your merchandise can help them, but how their orders look will cement their perception of your brand. 

An initial positive response will pave the way for future sales. The continuity of branding in every step of the customer experience will be rewarding for both you and the client. 

Remember, none of this will matter if the delivery service you use does not have the same level of commitment as you do. 

Bottom Line

Customers will truly appreciate your business when the delivery of orders is timely and they arrive in excellent condition. Be sure that you pick one that aligns with the image that your firm projects.

The success of your company’s brand identity relies on how well you think about each stage of the sales process. 

Packaging and vis-à-vis delivery as an afterthought will reflect poorly on the image your brand wants to represent.

This is a guest post by Linda Carter