eCommerce Success: Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing in Logistics & Shipping for Emerging Businesses8 min read

You might have come across many technical terms being hyped by tech-enthusiasts, but ‘cloud computing’ rightfully deserves the attention it has been getting over the last few years. 

Cloud computing is revolutionizing technology that has created a buzz in many business areas due to its ease of accessibility and flexibility.

According to the recent cloud computing statistics, the global public cloud market will exceed estimated expectations worth $330 billion as the year 2020 wraps up. 

After looking at such exponential figures, there is no doubt that companies worldwide have outgrown the outdated technologies and expanded their investments towards cloud computing.

Undoubtedly, the advanced technology has been successfully integrated into the logistics and shipment industry as well. 

Today, cloud-based logistics software is considered much more efficient to fulfill commercial needs and provide value-added services to customers

Let’s find out what pros and cons the revolutionary technology has for the logistics and shipping companies.