COVID-19: The Retail eCommerce Picture & What You Can Do6 min read

Sitting at my home desk, I’ve never seen business conditions change as rapidly as they have now. And they continue to change. Even as you read this article.

These are abnormal circumstances where “social distancing,” “self-quarantine,” and “lockdown” are words we hear more often than a pleasant “good morning” or “good day.”

In a matter of weeks, the Coronavirus outbreak has swept across the globe and dramatically shifted the way we live our lives. 

And the online retail industry hasn’t gone unscathed. 

While the outbreak has led many retailers to close their stores temporarily, others have scrambled to deal with the surge in demand. This, in turn, has put a strain on the supply chain and last-mile side of eCommerce retail.

Read on for a bird’s-eye view of the current situation within retail and shipping, its impact on business, and strategies to deal with it.

What’s Happening in the eCommerce World?

1.Surge in Online Traffic