Why should your retail business automate shipping invoice audit process?1 min read

Shipping cost constitutes anywhere between 5 to 15% of the total expenditure for Retailers. Adding to their tightening margins is the steady 4% year on year increase in FedEx and UPS shipping rates. The complete monopoly of these shipping carriers in the small parcel shipping market leave retailers with no other option but to let shipping costs eat into their profits. Not anymore! Shipping carriers can be easily held accountable with an in-depth shipping invoice audit. Although most retailers invest in in-house shipping audit, it is not as efficient or impactful as their automated counterpart.

The most compelling reason to switch to an automated audit process is that manual process could be time sinking as well as labor intensive. Moreover, the cumbersome process of auditing your invoice takes your focus away from building a successful business. Listed here are the definitive advantages of using automated parcel shipping invoice audit over manual in-house process.

Manual vs Automated Shipment Audit

As noted in the illustration, the first step towards logistics digitalization is automating the auditing process of FedEx and UPS shipping invoices. LateShipment.com is a service that helps you audit upto 50+ service failures committed regularly by your shipping carriers and save instantly upto 20% of your shipping costs. Our realtime tracker also empowers your business to predict delivery exceptions and help you make data driven logistic decision.

Are you willing to take a calculated leap and step out of your in-house process? Sign up now to automate your shipping invoice audit process.

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