Pinterest-Worthy Corporate Gift Ideas4 min read

Ah, the art of gift-giving. Who doesn’t like gifts? Especially when the gift comes from the company that you are working for, or if you are giving gifts to your co-workers, colleagues, or employees, it definitely has a personal touch to it. Corporate Gifts are one way to foster a good relationship with people around you or the people you do your business with. Wondering what you should give your colleagues, co-workers or employees. Don’t worry, we come with Pinterest-worthy corporate gift ideas 

Things to be considered when you buy corporate gifts:


  • Keep your Budget in mind 
  • Consider Personal preference’s of the receiver 
  • Do Not make it sell your gift. Make it a nice gesture
  • Give gifts that add value and meaning 
  • Personalisation would be a nice touch 
  • Think out of the box

Pinterest-worthy corporate gift ideas

1. Customisable Christmas box from Ellar boutique

This customizable Christmas gift box contains a selection of gourmet cookies and chocolates along with a soft sealed insulated water bottle and a luxurious soy candle. You can customize this gift hamper’s color and ribbons and you can even write a personalized message on each hamper. On top of that, they offer free delivery.

2. Locally sourced gifts from white source market

82% people try to support local businesses (

This incredible organization called the White Spruce Market sources all its products from local artisans and businesses. They do a range of customization and they have a wide variety of gift boxes and gift hampers according to the theme you select. Check them out!

3. Yum bites from Blondery, the cloud kitchen

Blondery is a black woman-owned cloud kitchen which sells brownies, blondies, doggy treats, birthday cakes, cinnamon sugar, and more. They have been featured on various magazines for their exceptional taste in these pastries. They have a longer shelf life, so don’t worry about the blondies getting ruined while in transit.

4. Vahdam - Premium tea from India

“The most flavorful teas” – Forbes. “Carbon neutral and ethically sourced teas from India” – New York Times. Vahdam is one of the most sought-after tea brands in India which has reinvented the way tea was sourced. Their unique flavors ( which aren’t available easily even in India) are exceptional. Even Oprah loved the tea and left an overwhelming comment after getting tea from this brand. This brand exports tea globally to more than 10 countries. Add a tasteful flavour to your corporate gift giving by adding these VAHDAM teas.

5. Wellness diffuser to spread the cheer in the air

One most awesome out of the box corporate gift ideas – diffusers.

Appellation is a niche well-being and fragrance brand that fuses scent, wellness, and science. This brand uses science-backed ingredients to create therapeutic scents in order to make the user feel calm and balanced mentally. The products offered in this brand are free of synthetic phthalates or petroleum-derived ingredients. The holiday could be one stressful time or the holiday could be one time where people unwind from all the stress and burnout caused during their work time. And this scent is one of the fastest ways to alter one’s mood. This particular science in the scent is said to alter the emotional center of your brain bringing positivity. It’s not just for smell but it makes you feel good also.

6. Stylish paws for the small hoomans

The old saying is that the way to a human’s heart is through their stomach. The new saying is that the way to a human’s heart is through their pens. You cannot overlook the small humans that make the big humans happy. Acknowledging and gifting one’s pet is a nice touch and also is very personal. Check out the cool collection from this brand and their holiday gift guide for pets.

7. Wine/alcohol gift box from Yorkville’s

Um, we’re not going to explain why a wine/alcohol box is a great corporate gift idea. 

8. Soothe massage - Uber for massage

Who said that gifts couldn’t be a service. Soothe brings massages to your home, work, or office. Buy Soothe massage cards for your colleagues and let them schedule a call with the masseuse and rewind from stress. The therapeutic massages at Soothe have over 50 years of experience. This couldn’t go wrong.

9. AirTags - for those who have the knack for losing things

AirTags For those who have an eye for losing things in work or at home, AirTags could be really useful. AirTags could be customized and a personalized AirTag would be a great public gift idea.

10. Plantable seed cards

Giving plantable seed options is not only a budget-friendly idea, it is a sustainable idea as well. It’s an eco-friendly gesture. Usually, planting seeds and watching them grow simulates growth and new beginnings. And this metaphor is highly relevant in the corporate world. Plantable seeds also have a long-lasting impact on the recipient.

Selecting a perfect memento to give out this holiday season just got easier for you. Personalization could be one aspect that could touch the heart of your recipient. But remember that a thoughtful gift is not just a gesture but it’s the art that fosters positive relationships and leaves a memorable mark. Make your recipient feel valued and give them joy this holiday season.