How to Handle FedEx/ UPS/ DHL/ USPS Lost Packages?6 min read

When you ship through FedEx or UPS, most packages make it to their destinations intact and on time. But, what do you do during those rare occurrences when a package is lost in transit? Who exactly is to be blamed when this happens? The seller or the shipper?

In most cases, it is the retailer who bites the bullet. This is because the customer considers the business they ordered from to be responsible for everything that happens until the order reaches them. 

And what exactly happens when the customer starts blaming you? 

Your brand reputation takes a huge hit, customer churn rate hits the roof, and staying ahead of competitors becomes next to impossible when there are multiple delivery exceptions. Even if you have handed over the package to the shipping carrier, you hold the responsibility for it reaching the customer’s doorstep on time.