The Real Impact of Late Deliveries & How to Handle Them10 min read

Online shoppers are clear with their order delivery expectations.

They want it free.

They want it NOW.

And they hate delays.

How much, you ask? Read on to be truly astounded!

The Human Cost of Late Deliveries

How would you feel if you were affected by any of the following situations?

  1. Critical medicines being delivered late.
  2. A birthday gift you send reaching the destination a day after the birthday.
  3. Santa delivering that particular Peppa Pig life-size toy your child has been coveting for months a day after Christmas.

You would surely not order from the same business again. You would most certainly not accept an excuse like “We outsource our shipping needs to FedEx, UPS, or DHL, so please check with the shipping carrier.” In fact, such an excuse would only infuriate you further.

Now put your customer in the same situation.

Read till the end to learn how you can deal with late deliveries and spur customers to spend more on your brand!