Transportation Trends Affecting the Commercial Vehicle Industry in the US2 min read

Globe Newswire stats show that the demand for commercial vehicles, will be worth around $3.07 trillion by 2030 despite the technological advances in transportation over the last few years. This is probably enough to display that as long as there are goods that need transporting, commercial vehicles will always be necessary. 

Road infrastructure networks have consistently improved not just in the United States, but also in countries like India and South Africa, meaning that the demand for commercial vehicles, all around the globe, has been increasing at a steady pace. 

As the global economy starts to recover and industries can once again open up, here are some transportation trends and predictions in the commercial vehicle market to have a strong 2022 and beyond.

Electric Vehicles Are On The Rise

Transportation trend 1- electric vehicles

PR Newswire has highlighted the fact that electric and automated vehicles, in particular, are currently trending in the transportation and automotive industry, and this includes the market for commercial vehicles. It is expected that electric vehicles will expand the commercial vehicle market soon as the industry leans toward trends that contribute to a sustainable future. 

Furthermore, due to the reliability and significant improvements that an electric engine has over an internal combustion engine, electric vehicle use is expected to grow steadily in the industry over the next few years.

Dually Trucks Are Growing In Popularity

Transportation trend 2 - Dually trucks

Many truck-based commercial vehicles companies are starting to move towards dually trucks as a means to replace old or worn-out vehicles that can no longer complete the necessary duties.

Dually trucks are essentially dual-rear-wheel trucks as they have two rear wheels on each side. The wheel configuration contributes to more stability on the roads as well as stronger rear axles, which allow dually trucks to haul larger loads over longer distances. This makes them exceptional vehicles for the long-haul commercial transport industry.

Driving on a narrow urban road with a dually truck might be a difficult task, but these vehicles are perfectly optimized for wider, open roads, making them the perfect fit for the transportation and construction industry.

Commercial Transportation Will Thrive Again