How to get repeat customers in 2023?6 min read

Is your business future ready?

The e-commerce industry is continuously changing, so being up to date is crucial. In order to provide a seamless and engaging consumer experience across all touchpoints, including mobile commerce, beacon technology, and CTV advertising, the future of commerce must be fully omnichannel. Businesses must adopt a pipeline strategy, relying on data analytics and dynamic creative optimisation to boost conversions and produce an easy-to-use website experience. 

The era of transactional e-commerce is no more; today’s consumers demand relational e-commerce that fosters creativity and discovery. Customers have the choice to begin their journey online and end up in physical stores, or vice versa, thanks to Google Lens and other tools. 

Businesses must provide the best value proposition, convenience, loyalty programmes, and other services in order to meet customers’ expectations in 2023 and get repeat customers. 

Why do you need repeat customers in your business?

  •  Getting new customers is expensive and time-consuming: Getting a new customer typically costs five times as much as keeping an existing one. 
  •  Repeat customers are receptive to more: They’re eager to test out new goods and services from a company they already know and respect. (repeat customers spend 35% more per purchase than first-time customers`)
  • Keeping loyal customers can improve a brand’s reputation because happy customers are more inclined to tell their friends and family about it. 

Customer retention should be the top aim for any wise brand in the fiercely competitive industry of today

3 strategies to get repeat customers

1. Offer omnichannel customer support

The best wingman for both transactional and relational e-commerce is omnichannel customer support. Companies may design a seamless and “omni-awesome” client journey by swiping right on a variety of touchpoints, including calls, emails, social media, text messages, mobile apps, and more. 

For example, 

Lululemon, a retailer of athletic wear, offers customised video consultations with fitness professionals to assist customers in making purchase selections. A video can be scheduled by users with a fitness expert to get personalized recommendations and advice on which products to buy.

Lululemon offering omni-channel customer support