Holiday Season 2020: Online Shopper Complaints on Twitter and How to Avoid Them10 min read

The arrival of the holiday season is always special for eCommerce retailers. However this year, it will be radically special because of the COVID-19 factor

Though there were doubts initially on how the holiday season would turn out, it is now clear that this holiday season will be an extended pandemic period with 2x or even 3x shipping volume. 

Increased shipping volume doesn’t just mean more sales but more issues you could face due to multiple factors.

  1. Shipping carriers are already straining their capacity due to social distancing norms and supply-chain restrictions. 
  2. Major shipping carriers have drawn up holiday special calendars where they have announced deadlines for their services on specific holidays like Christmas and New Year when the shipping volume will be significantly higher.     

As a retailer, you may be accustomed to delays but for customers, they are always difficult to process, which may result in a burst of emotions. 

This is because online shopping experience is completely virtual. Customers have gotten accustomed to getting relief only when a physical parcel shows up on their doorstep. Until then, they are constantly anxious. Even a minor inconvenience in their waiting period will lead to your business paying a heavy price in terms of poor online reviews. 

Here’s the thing about these reviews:

  1. In most cases, they are directed towards you, the retailer, rather than the shipping carrier as customers hold the business that they purchased from accountable rather than the carrier. 
  2. They damage your online reputation and prevent potential customers from shopping with you. 

The reason for this post’s existence is this: to let you know of the consequences of ignoring issues in the last mile. And boy are the consequences bad!

Potential Issues That Irate Customers Take to Social Media

There are just 5 major issues that customers often take to social media in angst.

  1. Late Delivery
  2. Lost Packages
  3. Damaged Packages
  4. WISMO Calls
  5. Lack of Effective Customer Support

Let’s take a closer look at how customers expressed their ire over these issues on Twitter  and what your business can do to prevent or handle such situations.

1. Late Delivery

Late deliveries are the most frequent service failure year-round, and they become more common in the holiday season.

Nearly half of consumers (45%) say they are unlikely to continue ordering from a company if it delivers a package late.

Pandemic or not, consumers have just one problem with delays, the surprise element of it. As long as businesses inform consumers beforehand that their parcel will be delivered late, consumers will patiently wait for their orders for a few days. 

On the other hand, if the news of the delay ought to come as a surprise, their anxiety will soon lead to frustration while awaiting their parcels.