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Letter from CEO

Why a Delivery Experience Management (DEM) suite?

Despite considerably expanding our reach on the refunds front to 40+ shipping carriers, something that had always bothered us was the fact that even a successful refund claim still represented a poor delivery experience for an end customer, which in turn affects customer loyalty and brand reputation. To address this, the last year was all about building out LateShipment.com Pulse (now upgraded to our “Delivery Experience Management” suite). This provided us the ability to not only track shipments in real-time but also predict and inform support teams about delivery issues with shipments in transit.

While we were wildly happy with the positive impact LateShipment.com Pulse was able to make on customer loyalty, reorder rates, and net promoter scores for some businesses, we were still seeing reluctance from others to invest time and resources to tackle post-purchase issues despite the data and insights LateShipment.com Pulse was able to provide. 

Only then did we realize it wasn’t enough to inform our customers about the issues their packages were facing but rather go all the way and provide them a platform that enabled them to effortlessly tackle delivery issues and failures before customer impact. This realization sparked more than a year of work to create an entirely new product category: A Delivery Experience Management platform.

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With delivery experience management, LateShipment.com becomes uniquely capable of integrating with 100+ technology tools businesses already use. We use these integrations to collect every possible scrap of information about shipments. Information like what’s been ordered, who ordered it, where it is now, when it is supposed to reach the customer, and so on. 

All this data combined with monitoring individual shipments across every moment in transit enables us to do more than just provide information about delivery errors in real-time. It lets us take responsibility for catching the attention of your support teams on the Helpdesk and CRM platforms they already use, send automated alerts and updates to your customers, and provide brand-consistent engagement and tracking experiences. We also enable you to collect delivery feedback and measure delivery satisfaction, identify areas of concern, suggest key improvements to your shipping decisions, and help you isolate and monitor high-value shipments and deliveries to key customers.

In the simplest of words, actionable data combined with seamless and precise control over every aspect of your customer’s post-purchase experience to keep them coming back for more is what we offer you!