How To Sell Online: The Secret To E-commerce Video Marketing6 min read

In today’s e-commerce space, video marketing has turned out to be one of the most important forms of content to promote products. This is primarily due to its ability to reach a larger group of target audiences and attract them. 

According to SearchEngineWatch, videos help persuade 73% of people to buy a product or service.

This specialty has led to e-commerce stores quickly turning to video to grow their businesses. Thus, e-commerce merchants are put in a position to adapt to new trends and learn new secrets to video marketing. So, if you’re a retailer looking to learn how to effectively use videos to sell online, then you’re in the right place. Read through.

Keep It Super Simple (KISS) should be your mantra

The secret to e-commerce video marketing is to keep it simple. This is enough to improve your ability when it comes to increasing the likelihood of a customer converting. The basics of your video marketing must be to educate your customers about your brand and products and simplify the shopping experience. 

This is true both for brand-new businesses and those who have been in business for years. Just having a product isn’t enough to make people buy it—you have to let them know what it’s all about, how it works, and why they should buy it. And then you have to convince them that it’s worth their money!

So how do you get people interested in your products and make sure your marketing game stands out from the competition? This is where e-commerce video marketing comes in! 

Here are some ways you can implement your KISS motto into the different kinds you put out. 

Gain a huge headstart with your launch videos

When a customer is shopping on your site, they may need some help figuring out which product is right for them. In such cases, a ‘product launch’ video can help in guiding them through the process. Such videos work great both for products that are recently introduced in the market as well as the ones that are yet to be launched. 

The best ploy for a product launch video is to cover all the details about the product like the looks, features, etc to ensure that your customers know what they’re into and won’t get disappointed. Also, a launch video for an upcoming product helps to increase visitors’ curiosity and motivates them to check out your offerings.

Tactically follow up with ‘how to’ videos

Let’s say your product launch video has served its purpose in convincing your customers to make their purchases. Now, it’s your time to quickly follow up with videos explaining how to use your product. 

Also known as ‘product explainer’ videos, your how-to videos, works best when displayed on your product pages or post-purchase emails that are sent to engage customers as they’re awaiting their orders and build relationships with them. 

Ensure that your videos act in teaching your customers how they can put your product to the best use. Include a lot of attention to detail in order to maximize the self-serve shopping experience and as a result, reduce customer support requests. Ultimately, all of this can help in making your customers feel comfortable enough to make their purchase from you again in the future. 

If you want to make how-to videos that are catchy, entertaining, and informative, it’s important that you use good video editing software to add some music, special effects, sound effects, and even subtitles to your presentation or product demo. 

You can also use a video compressor to compress the file before uploading it online or in social media. The most popular formats are .flv, .mov, and mp4, which can be compressed by an mp4 compressor for easy storage without losing quality.