Report: Driving Ecommerce Last Mile Delivery Success in 20195 min read

If you were to list the top cost centers for your business, shipping would be number two.

Unless of course, you have your own delivery fleet to do your bidding.

On the off chance that you don’t, this article is for you.

The co dependent relationship between shipping carriers and retailers spans several decades. Like it or not, almost every retailer blindly relies on carriers to fulfill last mile delivery. Needless to say, it isn’t always an equal partnership.

Opaque policies employed by shipping carriers leave retailers with bare minimum data regarding their shipments. The result is a huge number of unexpected customer calls demanding to know package whereabouts. I mean, you’d tell them if you knew right?

Haven’t you ever wished you had more information to work with?

Focused on bridging this gap and empowering you with the data you need to excel in the last mile, we bring you this exclusive report – Driving Ecommerce Last Mile Delivery Success in 2019

Do you offer same day shipping?

Two day shipping became the norm in last mile delivery when Prime brought it into play. Amazon introduced one day shipping after that, and it set the bar a little bit higher for every other retailer out there. The needle has slowly moved from there and come to settle on same day shipping now.

If your business does not offer flexible shipping options including same day shipping, then your chances of holding out in a highly competitive retail landscape just came down by a significant margin.

Let’s say you do offer a variety of shipping options. How do you stay in control of the packages you ship out after a third party carrier takes over the process? It’s not the middle ages anymore when you sent out a bird and prayed it didn’t get eaten by predators on the way.

No. These are times when customers expect to be kept in the loop as to where their purchase is at all times. Right up till the moment it arrives on their doorstep, they hold retailers accountable for keeping them informed of the whereabouts of the package.

  • So how do you hold your shipping partner accountable for their performance? It’s your brand reputation at stake!
  • How do you offer customers flexible shipping options? It’s not just an option, it’s a necessity!
  • How do you know which service types are perfect for shipping the product you deal with? The wrong one can cause multiple del