Amazon price hike

Amazon raises the stakes for shipping companies

Amazon has set major shipping carriers on edge after its recent announcement to launch Shipping with Amazon. The online retail giant has the potential to change the very arena of shipping with its advanced shipping logistics systems that are way more technologically advanced than anything else out there.

Shipping with Amazon also effectively cuts off the need for third party buyers, thus saving more money for businesses who wish to ship with Amazon. As Sriram Sridhar, the CEO of LateShipment says, “About one-third of customers won’t re-purchase from a merchant that has a late delivery. They need to know what’s happening on the other end, and what they can do about it.”

Amazon brings this transparency to its logistics business, thereby gaining the customer support of its worldwide customer base. Creating a better last mile delivery experience has become the touchstone by which shipping carriers are judged. LateShipment helps businesses achieve better last-mile deliveries by holding shipping carriers accountable for over 50 service failures and claiming refunds for them.





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