A 5 point checklist for shipping cost optimization2 min read


Skyrocketing shipping cost is a retailer’s worst nightmare. These smart shipping cost optimisation tips might just be the panacea to cure all your shipping woes!

Collect late shipment refunds

The shipper offers you a money back
guarantee if he delays delivery. Do not fail to claim the refund
every time the shipper delivers later than promised. While FedEx and
UPS make it cumbersome to deter you from filing for returns, you can
opt for a service like LateShipment that can automate your entire late shipment refund

Packaging in the times of
Dimensional Weight Pricing

Dimensional weight pricing is the new
norm for pricing shipments. And that means the size of the package is
just as important as the weight of the package. So, smart shippers
take efforts to literally cut corners and optimise package seizes in
order to save on shipping costs.

Choose the right service

One cannot emphasise enough on this.
Are you choosing an Express Delivery at an elevated cost when a
Ground Service can get your package to the destination in the same
time? So, the next time you rush to book an expensive and fast
delivery for your shipment, ask if a lower cost delivery will take
the package in the same time. Or research on it yourself. There are
enough online resources to help you with that.

Recycle packaging material

If you send and receive packages all
the time, reduce costs and your waste, your carbon footprint by
recycling boxes. That box you received last week is lying in your
garage. Don’t buy a new box now. There is also the satisfaction of
doing your part in environmental conservation here.

Do away with free shipping

If you think you can offer attractive
prices and have your share of the market, think about letting go of
your free shipping scheme. Sure, Free Shipping is a selling point and
does have its share of market pull but do the math. Are you letting
go of your margins and having bad bottom lines because you feel you
cannot let go of the free shipping tag? If you are still doubtful,
ask your customers for their opinion via feedback/surveys.

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